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Indian government gears up to launch fourth-gen Aakash tablet

July 4, 2013

Times of India reports that the entry-level tablet’s specifications are currently being finalized but claims that the government will demand that the model has a 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution display, at least 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and the Android Jelly Bean OS (presumably Android 4.1).

What is less clear though is whether UK vendor Datawind will continue working on the project. The manufacturer developed the first three versions of the Aakash tablet, but the firm’s relationship with the government has since deteriorated because of missed deadlines and withheld payments.

ZDNet’s Nitin Puri has an extensive breakdown of the history of [...]

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Apple trails smaller vendors in Indian tablet market

June 6, 2013

 Apple leads the tablet market in the U.S. and across the world, but that’s not the case in India, where the iPad is playing second fiddle to tablets from vendors Datawind and Micromax.

Pulling in data from market research firm CyberMedia Research, The Times of India reports that the UK-based Datawind led the Indian tablet market in 2013, accounting for 15% of all shipments.

The group added that local vendor Micromax and Apple weren’t far behind, with both tied for second place with 12% each of all shipments.

Almost 10,000 tablets were shipped daily from all vendors from January until March, representing a 150% growth compared to the same period [...]

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India’s Aakash project hits the buffers, but government insists $35 tablet is doing fine

March 25, 2013

The Aakash project has been in the works since October of 2011 and initially contracted British tablet vendor Datawind to provide 100,000 of the Android tablets, for use in higher education.

Serious delays and a row over money have since put paid to that figure, while the Indian government later admitted to being disappointed with the quality of the original Aakash tablet. The second version subsequently arrived in November with a better processor, more RAM and an improved LCD display.

Now though, it appears as though India's patience with the project is wearing thin, leaving the possibility that the project could be called to a close.

The Human Resource [...]

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Aakash in crisis: India has received just 6,000 tablets, only 546 have gone to students

May 28, 2012

According to Indian tech publication MediaNama, IIT Rajasthan has received just 6,640 Aakash tablets from UK-based, Datawind, the vendor tasked with bringing these tablets to students in India. The company had been expected to deliver 100,000 tablets by March 31, although a Datawind executive said that only 10,000 Aakash tablets had been shipped towards the end of last month.

Sadly for everyone involved, that is not the end of the bad news. MediaNama reveals that the government has so far distributed only 546 of the tablets to students across 19 colleges, and adds that Datawind is still to be paid for the contract. It is perhaps to no great surprise, then, that the Indian [...]

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Chinese vendor to deliver one million tablets for students in Thailand

May 10, 2012

Shenzhen Scope Scientific Development (or Scope, for short) expects to deliver 400,000 tablets to the country within 60 days at a cost to the Thai government of about $32.8 million, which would price each tablet around $82.

The eventual aim, according to the contract between the company and Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, is for one million tablets to be delivered to Grade 1 primary school students, with the first tablets arriving this July.

TabTimes has previously reported on Thailand’s tablet plans, with the country at first holding talks with Datawind – the vendor behind the Aakash tablet in India – before [...]

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Egypt wants to provide university students with 10,000 tablets

April 30, 2012

Ah Ahram reports that the tablets will be distributed over a period of six months, with the Ministry of High Education planning to allocate the tablets by who they think will benefit the most from them. No specification and price details on the tablet were announced at the time of going to press, while the manufacturer's name again remains unknown at this time.

The roll-out comes as part of Egypt’s initiative to drive the use of ICT in the education system, with the country hoping that this push will also help boost the local tech industry, offer more job opportunities, and allow local PC manufacturers to compete with international rivals.

This plan follows on [...]

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Troubled Datawind sues former Aakash maker, has only shipped 10,000 tablets

April 17, 2012

Despite the rumors over friction between Datawind and the Indian government over the quality of the first version of Aakash, the contract does still stand, although the UK-based OEM vendor had been expected to deliver 100,000 tablets by March 31. As it is, due to problems with product testing and contractual disputes, a Datawind executive reportedly confirmed yesterday that just 10,000 Aakash slates have been shipped to date.

That's not the end of Datawind's troubles however, as the firm has also been hit with a dispute with the former contract maker of the Aakash, Quad Electronics Solutions. The company issued a statement on Monday warning Datawind that the Aakash did [...]

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Datawind’s $35 Ubislate tablet could be heading to schools in Philadelphia

April 6, 2012

The Android tablet is more commonly known as the Aakash (Ubislate is the version available to the general public), and is to date being used by students in India, who, thanks to a government subsidy, can get hold for the tablet for as little as $35.

The Financial Express now claims that a Philadelphia-based company called Wilco Electronics is talking about the possibility of attaining the license to create the Ubislate tablet themselves for the US market, with the hope of being able to push this tablet to Philadelphia schools as well as “under-served communities” in the area.

The Ubislate is a 7-inch Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) tablet, which has a 700MHz [...]

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Thailand contracts Chinese vendor for 860,000 tablets to be used in schools

March 20, 2012

The country has long since been looking at using tablets, and has previously talked with Datawind – the maker of the Indian Aakash tablet – as well as other manufacturers, most of whom were believed to be from China. As it is, government officials surprisingly ended up contracting little-known Chinese company, Shenzhen Scope Scientific Development.

The contract is expected to be signed later this month, and the tablets are due to arrive before the new school term in May. It has been reported that the small Chinese company won the contract after offering the lowest price of $81 for each 7-inch touchscreen tablet, beating off competition from much larger Chinese [...]

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DataWind to release Aakash 2 value tablet for $40

March 16, 2012

The Aakash 2 tablet was announced by India's Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal on Thursday.

The device, which will be available some time in April for $40 (approximately Rs. 2000), has a 7-inch capactive touchscreen display, a much-improved 700MHz ARM Cortex A8 processo and, according to DataWind, 3 hours of battery life.

These specifications represent a substantial imporvement over the original Aakash tablet, which only had a 366MHz CPU and 2 hours of battery life. 

This sequel is based on DataWind's Ubislate 7+ tablet, which has been available since February. It runs Android 2.3 and has WiFi and GPRS connectivity. 

The [...]

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