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New Workshare app aims to improve document collaboration on Android tablets

The new app, which is called Workshare Mobile for Android, is free to download today from the Google Play store and allows users to participate in existing collaborations, create new workflows and share content while on the move. Workshare’s patented comparison technology allows users to see multiple versions of documents, while location-tagged comments can be logged in each page of a document, potentially a useful tool for field workers away from the office. As you would expect, Workshare Mobile for Android also supports automatic syncing with the latest comments and changes made by fellow collaborators. The catch is that the app only truly benefits those [...]
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Why tablets play a unique role in consumers’ mobile trifecta

Deloitte’s just released 7th edition of its “State of the Media Democracy” survey shows a 160% growth in the group it calls Digital Omnivores, consumers who own a trio of  tablets, smartphones and laptops. 

This group represents more than a quarter of U.S. consumers. Consulting firm Deloitte surveyed the generational preferences of 2,100 consumers aged 14 and older. Among those surveyed, tablet ownership increased 177% over the past year and almost a third of tablet owners said it’s now one of their top three most preferred consumer electronic devices. Smartphone ownership increased by 28%, while Deloitte says laptop penetration stayed [...]
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Deloitte survey finds 40% of employees clueless about mobile security

The Deloitte poll, which surveyed roughly 1,200 information technology and business executives across the United States, found that 40 percent of  its respondents have no idea if their organization has strategies, policies, procedures or technology controls in place to effectively enforce mobile security. And if you don’t know about it, you can’t comply with them. Perhaps even more alarming, an additional 28.4 percent of survey respondents think there are unauthorized PDAs, tablets, or a combination of both connected to their enterprise intranet, and particularly their e-mail servers.  "Devices like tablets…have [...]
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