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New apps aim to deal with ‘photo rot’ by simpler sharing

New photo and video apps coming to market hope to address what one vendor, Magisto, calls “photo rot”, the tendency of most images to stay on the device. "We can capture everything with our smartphones and we do,” says Reed Genower, chief marketing officer at Magisto. “But 99% of what you took the time to capture rots on your smartphone.” Well, perhaps it’s not quite that bad, but judging from the scramble of vendors vying to become the next Instragram, there is certainly an opportunity. “Only 20% of the 1.5 billion pictures taken every day are shared, the rest stay on the camera roll,” said Sachin Duggal, [...]
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Doh! The trouble with hybrid notebooks is that retailers can’t demo them

Hybrid sales have fallen short of expectations for any number of reasons. One is the growing popularity of tablets as a less expensive alternative. And while hybrid notebooks include a touchscreen, the systems are heavier and bulkier than tablets and don’t offer the same portability. (Some, like the HP Envy x2,  offer a detachable screen that can function like a tablet with its own internal battery). Merlin Kister, a brand manager for Intel, told All Things D that one of the reasons hybrid notebooks aren’t selling as well as expected at retail is that would be buyers don’t get to see all they can do. That’s because the hybrids look [...]
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DEMO: Free TrustGo app targets Android security; iOS to follow

TrustGo is designed specifically for mobile device security because many of the threats are distinctly different than what traditional desktop antivirus software can address, said Jeff Becker, the company’s head of marketing, in a presentation here at DEMO.  One way it’s different is that TrustGo automatically shows a risk grade (e.g. High Risk) for any app before its downloaded.  The company’s security solution for Android is currently a free download designed to protect users from malware, spyware, privacy leaks, device and data loss.  In his presentation, Becker asked how many in the audience [...]
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DEMO: XeoPlay touts iPad games to save the world

XEOPlay CEO Nicole Lazzaro showed off several new ecology-themed games for the iPad with some unique twists. You navigate your way around and score points in TiltWorld by the way you move the the iPad itself. Tilting the iPad or iPhone a certain way helps you do things like virtually gather mushrooms to clean the soil and eat carbon out of the air.  While the game conveys some ideas on how to clean the environment, there are other benefits. You can dedicate points to a non-profit organization called WeForest that is planting trees in Madagascar based on the number of points users accumulate and dedicate.  Lazzaro says she sees games as a [...]
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Barco releases QA calibration tool for mobile viewing of medical images on iPad

Available now as a free demo in the App Store, this software tool’s calibration ensures DICOM-quality image representation and verification on any mobile tablet. (DICOM refers to a standard for the transmission of digital images) Barco’s QAWeb Mobile methodology has also been filed with the US Food and Drug Administration as a Master File, which means that healthcare developers and integrators can apply for FDA 510(k) clearance when using the calibration tool with their mobile viewing applications. Typically, being able to reference the FDA Master File facilitates faster development and greatly reduces the regulatory effort for FDA clearance. “With [...]
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