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Turn your iPad into a second monitor for free

January 23, 2013

Splashtop has a collection of second screen tablet apps, but its free SplashtopXD more than does the job for those not bothered by having such features as remotely wiping the screen.

Setting up the application is relatively simple; users need to download both the app and the Splashtop Streamer PC software for the two to communicate with each other.

The app should recognize your PC on opening and after setting a password, you’ll have options to tweak and improve video, audio or bring up the virtual keyboard. The app also offers up hints and tips, but these can be turned off if you wish.

(See also The Best 100 iPad apps)

In terms of [...]

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DisplayLink for iPad: Turning your tablet into a second monitor

January 4, 2012

The app requires users to download the free iPad app and DisplayLink’s desktop software, after which they can push web pages and various software programmes to the iPad.

Users have to direct this content via their PC and type with their keyboard, as the iPad’s touchscreen is disabled until they leave the application.

Set-up is quick and simple, and the app is ready to use shortly after the user has identified which PC they wish to pair with.

The app is not without its pitfalls, as it only works in landscape mode, throws over-sized browser windows to the iPad when working in Safari and can shave up to 30% of your battery in 90 minutes. That said, [...]

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