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Dropbox CEO Drew Houston announced the news at a plush press conference at the company's San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday, where he talked boldly on the group's new direction.  

“We... didn’t just re-do Dropbox for Business,” he said. “We re-did the [whole] foundation of Dropbox.”

The Dropbox CEO went onto demonstrate how the new and improved Dropbox for Business allo...

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The new stylus will work on Apple iPads and other tablets and promises 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and several useful shortcut buttons for things like undo and redo.

The... brushed aluminium stylus comes in black or blue and there are also options to buy the product with a case, extra nibs or a replacement battery (the stylus comes with an AAAA battery).

Wacom says that the styl...

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A new Datastore API will let users store and sync any kind of application data — that includes game states, contacts and to-do lists.

For example, when you make your to-do list on your... iPad while commuting on the train, and then open your computer at home, it will be synced with all your Dropbox-enabled apps on that device.

“You’re not worried about what logo&rsq...

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Visitors to the Dropbox website were greeted with the above image and the following error message:  “Something went wrong. Don't worry, your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have... been notified”.

Many users have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at the matter. Dropbox has since responded that it is "aware of the site issues" and "working to...

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The app (free, Windows Store) launched today and allows users to browse and preview their files on Dropbox as well as open, edit and save any files coming in from other Windows 8 apps.

Users... can share files, folders or photos with friends and family via email or social networks using Share Charm, or look for Dropbox files using the Search Charm.

That though is far as the useful fu...

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The update adds new features including an auto-save function that will automatically save documents and give users the ability to recover them.

Polaris Office 4.1.1 also now lets you link to... other apps such as Evernote, Dropbox, and PDF Expert and view files in a PDF or TOC format.

The app is currently being offered at a discount price of $12.99, down for the original price of $19...

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An informal survey of CIOs and analysts at the Argyle Executive Forum by a reporter for the Wall Street Journal this week produced at least one interesting result — none of them could recall a... single reported incident of a stolen portable device being used by thieves to access sensitive corporate information.

In fact, as the WSJ’s Michael Hickins points out, the folks stealing...

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While previous versions of SugarSync have been more smartphone friendly than tablet friendly, the user interface in this new release was written specifically for iPad users.

The Dropbox competitor's... newest release now has more screen space for users to browse for and navigate through multiple directories at the same time, as well as faster ways to access backed up documents, photos, videos, and other files...

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This iPad app may not be pretty, or offer a particularly attractive layout. But what it does give you is an inexpensive and simple text editor with Dropbox and iCloud integration.

iA Writer enables... user to create, save and delete documents. Saved documents can be accessed via a linked Dropbox account, either on the iPad itself or via iCloud. Documents can also be sent as text or as an attachment via e...

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For iPad users unexcited by what the combination of Apple’s iCloud and Pages have to offer, Writeroom is a very viable alternative.

Offering features such as Dropbox integration,... passcode protection, the ability to detect hyperlinks and-—perhaps best of all—the option to turn iOS5’s auto correction features on or off, Writeroom makes word processing on the go a ple...