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Flip through emails faster on Gmail

Google this week released a pretty significant update for iPhone and iPad, which not only brought about iOS 7 support but also some handy tools for responding to... emails themselves.

The iPhone app has had some minor tweaks such a new side navigation bar, but it is the iPad where things look considerably different.

You should note the new slimmed do...

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Following in the footsteps of Google, prominent note-taking solution Evernote has rolled out two-factor verification to all of its users, in a bid to clamp down on security and to reduce the chances... of a repeat hack from last year.

The process itself is extensive but can be mastered in less than five minutes, whether you’re doing it on PC, tablet or smartphone. Here’s how to in...

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But in addition to the redesign, Evernote is now also faster, with shortcuts to notes and folders you use frequently, and new Notes, Notebooks, and Tags views that, the company says, allows you... to see your content better. 

Notes created on phones and tablets will have location data, and some notes created on desktop machines. This could be handy if you’re a spatial thinker...

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The 10-inch Iconia A3 features a 1280 x 800 resolution display, a quad-core 1.2GHz A7 processor, a 5MP camera and connections for micro SD and a micro HDMI port. It runs Android 4.2.

There’s... even Dolby Digital Plus speakers as well as Intellispin, a new feature which can apparently tell which way you’re viewing the tablet even if it is lying down on a table.

Acer says that it will...

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Typically for a PowerPoint presentation, you have to spend a fair bit of time searching for good images and videos on the web, downloading them and adding them to your presentation. You could use Evernote... or a similar data capturing service.

Bunkr takes care of this part of the process. It is not only a presentation maker, it is an Evernote-like service for your presentations. Whenever you see somethi...

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The start-up announced the news on its website and also emailed users to explain its decision.  

“Catch has made the difficult decision to take the company in a different direction,”... reads the message on the company’s homepage.

“As such, we will be terminating service next month. We value our users and have greatly enjoyed providing Catch to millions of people over the...

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The conventional Android app (free, Google Play) sees Evernote partner with OfficeSuite — an app for creating and editing Microsoft Office files – so that users can edit attached Word, Excel... and PowerPoint files (previously they could only view these files).

There is a caveat to this feature though in that non-paying app users will only get to trial the feature for a week, with paying...

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“We think once people see the advantage of being able to collaborate, they’ll do it more,” Laura Yecies, acting CEO at Catch told TabTimes in a demo of the new product. 

You... can already collaborate with the consumer version of Catch, but Catch Team adds IT-friendly administrative and manageability features. 

For example, Catch Team lets you create distinct personal...

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With the right apps an iPad can be a helpful note-taking tool. Apps exist for those who like to take handwritten notes, record audio, or just want to type. Instead of the boring stock Notes app, check... out these apps that offer more powerful features. Many feature handwriting recognition or syncing with cloud services to make the workflow more productive.



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Bring your shopping list into the modern age with AnyList

If, like me, you’ve been using scraps of paper for writing down your shopping and grocery lists, it might be time for a change.

AnyList... is attempting to facilitate that change with its universal to-do list app for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad.

The app (free, iTunes) works simply enough. On signing up for an AnyList account you can create a...