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Businesses say they need more funds to make mobile sites successful

June 18, 2013

But of those mostly working with budgets under $1 million, 38% of 145 executives surveyed in Q1  feel that they don’t have enough to fund their mobile efforts to be successful, according to research by Forrester. 

Three-quarters of businesses say they have a mobile-optimized site, and nearly all say they will have one by the end of 2013. About a third (31%) have an HTML5-powered mobile site, with 64% planning to launch one by year’s end. On the app side, 88% say they have — or plan to have — native apps for iOS, and 74% for Android, this year.


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iOS has a big edge over Android among mobile shoppers

June 17, 2013

iPhone and iPad shoppers are about 30% more likely to make a purchase on their device, and about 15% more likely to do product research on their smartphones and tablets than Android users, according to Forrester's survey of 58,000 U.S. respondents. 

Android and iOS were also the overwhelmingly clear choice of ebusiness professionals with 99% of those surveyed saying they intended to launch either a native or hybrid iOS app by the end of 2013, while 96% were also targeting the same for Android.

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Why tablet marketing is totally different than mobile marketing

May 23, 2013

The primary reason marketers need to consider a specific tablet strategy is that smartphones are far more mobile, can’t-leave-home-without-it, devices. Tablets? Actually, almost the reverse; they’re far more commonly used in the home by consumers.

“Tablet marketing enables marketers to engage with influential customers who spend less time on PCs and print media,” says Forrester analyst Thomas Husson, who recently blogged about research he did over the past few months on the topic. “People use tablets differently from smartphones, requiring marketers to adapt their approach.”

Husson says marketers will see better payback if they [...]

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Enterprise tablet deployments will grow four-fold in 2013, claims Piper Jaffray

January 7, 2013

In a note to investors (which was first reported by AppleInsider), Munster said that his firm had surveyed 59 CIOs from 12 different industries recently and discovered that tablet deployments in enterprise are to surge in 2013.

Munster detailed that 15% of CIOs plan to embark on “broad” deployments in 2013, almost a four-fold increase from just 4% last year, and said that the number of CIOs with no tablet deployment plans will drop from 54% in 2012 to 42%.

Piper Jaffray added that the 9.7-inch iPad remains the tablet of choice in enterprise, and expects this model and other tablets to push enterprise tablet deployments to increase rapidly over the next three [...]

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Tablet adoption in U.S. has more than doubled in past year

December 21, 2012

Starting with tablets, Forrester says tablet adoption in the U.S. now reaches 19% of the population, more than double what it’s survey found in 2011.

Demographic breakouts were also revealing. For example, Gen Yers lead in technology adoption.

Forrester says Gen Yers own the most connected devices and more than seven in 10 have a smartphone, and 25% own a tablet.

(Gen Y, also sometimes called the Millennial Generation, are hitting their early 30s now. Birth dates range from late 1970s to the 1980s and later by some measures).

Meanwhile, Forrester says Gen Xers are among the biggest spenders. The report says over 46 million U.S. consumers in this age [...]

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Corporate will spend $10 billion on tablets in 2012 [infographic]

September 18, 2012

This data was put together by BizTech magazine, and shows that four in five (74%) business professionals already own a tablet, a slight rise on an older report which claimed enterprise tablet adoption stood at 67% in 2011.

Arguably more impressive was the infographic’s revelation that the corporate sector will splash out $10 billion on tablets for employees this year, a projection that is not dissimilar to a recent estimate from Forrester Research.

The infographic backs up Apple’s claim that 90% of the top Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying tablets and offers some stats on how tablets are helping businesses to become more productive.

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Report: Tablets driving higher value sales to retailers

May 23, 2012

The new 2012 Shop.org/Forrester Research State of Retailing Online survey of 59 companies found that eight out of ten retailers say search and email are the top drivers of a company’s Web traffic from either a smartphone or tablet. These retailers also said 20% of emails opened in a given campaign on average are opened using a mobile device. 

While the outlook for mobile ecommerce is promising, the survey makes clear it’s still a small part of online retail overall. The survey found tablet and smartphone sales as a percent of retailers' total Web sales in 2011 were a mere 3.2% and 1.5%, respectively.

"Overall, we expect smartphone shopping [...]

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Mediaspace network targets iPad & tablet advertising

November 11, 2011

The Mediaspace Tablet Network includes more than 161 newspaper and magazine tablet applications.

“Newspapers and magazines are adding tablet applications daily. This is a natural transition for their digital business to complement print,” said Scott Jagodzinski, CEO at Mediaspace, in a release. “By adding the ability to plan and place tablet business we can maximize our relationships with the publications to bring value to advertisers on both print and digital. In almost every market, newspapers are by far the largest local advertising channel and tablets extend their advantage.”

According to research firm Frank N. Magid [...]

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