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American iPhone users spent an average of $40 on apps last year

The average spend was up from $35 in 2015, with games being the highest earning category.
avatarby Scott Adam Gordon3 days ago0 comments

iPhone 8 reportedly losing home button for all-new “function area”

The feature which would house virtual buttons as well as finger-scanning technology.
avatarby Scott Adam Gordon2 weeks ago0 comments

Nvidia is raking it in and looks set to continue

Nvidia saw a record year-on-year revenue increase of 55% in Q4 Fiscal Year 2017, reaching a total of $6.91 billion.
avatarby Scott Adam Gordon2 weeks ago0 comments

Celebrate Lego Batman release with Lego game sale

Celebrating the theatrical release of the LEGO Batman movie, Lego mobile games are on sale, including LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham. Check it out.
avatarby Jonathan Feist2 weeks ago0 comments

Chrome OS update will fix full-screen issues for Android apps

Google plans to offer Chromebooks that can run Android apps full support for immediately going into full-screen mode in an upcoming update.
avatarby John Velasco3 weeks ago0 comments

Apple patents new ‘Wearable Information System’ for AR applications

Apple has just patented a new 2-state technology which can help recognize interesting objects and relay augmented reality information to the user.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes3 weeks ago0 comments

Nintendo says it plans to release two to three mobile games per year

Nintendo has announced that it plans to release two to three mobile games per year following the publication of its 2016 earnings report yesterday.
avatarby John Velasco4 weeks ago0 comments
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