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The latest to be broken is Kobo's Glo, which has has been tweaked to run a full version of Android by a user on MobileRead's forums. 

It was relatively easy, as the Glo shares a... lot of DNA with the previously-cracked Tolino Shine. Naturally, the hack gives you Google Play access, so it's entirely possible to install the Kindle app on the reader.

But remember ̵...

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The app is free to download from Google Play and protects Android devices from threats including phishing emails, malicious applications and Trojan malware.

The app comes equipped with an anti-virus... scanner as well as a host of other security features, including an application manager and a privacy manager which enables users to see which apps violate their privacy.

As a further bonus, the Malwar...

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Other highlights noted in the text that accompanies the update includes restricted profiles to “limit family members’ access to apps and content on your tablet or to secure a tablet in a... kiosk setting”.

The update also includes the Google Keep note-taking app which is also available in the Google Play store. At this time it’s not clear if if other Nexus 7 owners are...

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Now on version 1.1, the Google Keyboard app (free, Google Play) has been updated to allow tablet users to long-press on the top row of keys for quick access to numbers.

In the past, this functionality... has only been available on Android smartphones, with tablet users instead forced into the fiddly process of toggling alternate keys to bring up numbers.

As part of the update, Google has also improved t...

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The app now allows users to tap the new “Remind Me” button to schedule time-based and location-based reminders, with the latter hinging on integration with Google’s voice assistant,... Google Now.

Google says that Keep starts to recognize local places when you type in your location and – as an added bonus – can even remind to do so certain things when you arrive at...

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The updated version of the Android app shows a faster, more fluid version of YouTube that displays videos in the rectangular cards that have become a staple of Google's newer services.  

YouTube... said the Android app will be rolling out "soon," which must be true since some users have already reporting being able to download the update from Google Play.

Built for browsing, the redesigned...

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Put simply, the free application (Google Play) lets personal users and small business owners track expenses, create and send invoices, make payments and keep up to date on project costs.

Users... are able to take photos of expense receipts and attach these to an invoice, see if someone has viewed your invoice and even work offline if away from a Wi-Fi network (all data is synced back to the Fre...

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Version 3.4 of the app (free, Google Play) lets users browse magazines in high-definition, providing their device has at least a 1280 x 720 resolution display, and also enables readers to enlarge book... instructions or add assistive technology support for blind and low-vision users.

This entails screen magnification for those running Android 4.2 or higher and TalkBack voice control for users wit...

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Google Play for Education was announced during Google I/O in May and is essentially a portal where developers and content providers can offer apps to K-12 educators and students in the U.S. The platform... is set to launch in the fall.

Starting from now, developers can use the Google Play Developer Console to mark apps they wish to include in the platform, after which they are evaluated by a third-pa...

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The solution is essentially an encrypted container (AES-256 standard) which separates corporate and personal data, and all without requiring a VPN connection.

Upon logging in with their credentials,... users have access to a web browser as well as clients for email, calendar, task management and editing documents.

The one sticking point here is that enterprise employees will only be able to take adv...