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ASUS could be planning to launch another convertible Chromebook soon

Online listings for the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 have started to pop up, suggesting that another convertible Chromebook is in development.
avatarby John Callaham5 days ago2 comments

Best Google Chrome Extensions – tools for productivity, design and more.

For most people, a web browser is where you spend most of your time when on your computer. Especially now, with more and more productivity apps and services coming to browsers, or even being browser exclusive, it sometimes seems that all you need is a browser. Hence, Chromebooks! But, if you need a little bit more out of your browser to work even more efficiently for you or to make your day a bit easier, you might want to check out some extensions. In case you aren’t familiar. Browser extensions, as the name suggests, extend the functionality of your web browser to perform new tasks. Although many browsers have the option to add on extensions, many would consider [...]
avatarby A.J. Hartless6 days ago0 comments

Nvidia is raking it in and looks set to continue

Nvidia saw a record year-on-year revenue increase of 55% in Q4 Fiscal Year 2017, reaching a total of $6.91 billion.
avatarby Scott Adam Gordon2 weeks ago0 comments

Apple patents new ‘Wearable Information System’ for AR applications

Apple has just patented a new 2-state technology which can help recognize interesting objects and relay augmented reality information to the user.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes3 weeks ago0 comments

Apple, Google and other major tech companies write open letter to Donald Trump

Microsoft, Facebook and Uber are among those penning a letter to President Trump opposing the recent immigration ban.
avatarby John Velasco4 weeks ago0 comments

Windows 10 Cloud may combat Chrome OS by offering access only to UWP apps

A new rumor claims Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 Cloud, a new version of its Windows 10 OS that will only run UWP apps.
avatarby John Velasco4 weeks ago0 comments

MacBook Pro Touch Bar banned from multiple state bar exams

The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar has been banned on multiple state bar exams, forcing students to either disable the feature or take the test by hand.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes4 weeks ago0 comments
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