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Announcing the news today in a press release, Griffin detailed that Revel’s iPad POS system will first come to MicroStores in San Jose, Seattle, San Francisco, Nashville and Annapolis.

"Griffin... prides itself on being a technology innovator, so we had very high expectations for every aspect of our new MicroStores," said Griffin’s information systems manager Jeff Herrick, ahead of the relea...

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The Binder Insert works with second and third-generation iPads and can be clipped into any three-ring binder folder with 1.5-inch or larger binder rings.

The case can be easily unclipped from... an adjoining folder, and Griffin stresses that the product does not block access to the tablet’s dock connector, volume control buttons, headphone jack or camera ports.

The Binder weighs...

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The new AirStrap Med case is a medically-approved variation of Griffin's AirStrap case and was developed alongside physicians and nurses.

The case is compatible with the new iPad and iPad... 2 and features an in-built screen protector, a hard back and crucially protects the iPad from moisture and fluids. The case can also be sanitized with industry-standard cleaning products.


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The Memo tablet acts as a memory assistant, helping seniors to maintain their independence, by providing reminders of things they need to do throughout the day.

The company has overlaid custom... software on top of the Archos G9 101 tablet, to create a device that allows family members and carers to remotely push content to the device, from Memo's website. Using this source, carers can remo...