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July 24, 2013

Groupon updates Breadcrumb POS app for iPad; users can now take payments offline

Groupon, which acquired Breadcrumb in May of last year, only tweaked the iPad app in May but has said that this latest upgrade is based on feedback from thousands of its users.

Some of the more notable changes allow business to identify their type of business, after which they will be able to choose from a selection of recommended menus and even tailor these to their own demands. So for example, a café could list its selection of coffees and prices.

The app (free, iTunes) also now boasts an offline mode for merchants to take payments when away from an Internet connection, while deeper integration with Groupon deals means merchants can link directly to Groupon to [...]

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May 29, 2013

Analyst Mary Meeker details surge in mobile ad spend, tablet growth

As big as mobile growth has been, Meeker told attendees at the AllThingsD conference today that “there continues to be material upside for mobile monetization."

In 2012 Meeker said $37 billion was spent on Internet advertising, with $4 billion of that focused on mobile. In one of her charts, Meeker says there is a over a $20 billion mobile advertising opportunity in the U.S. alone.

She said the latest research to look at time spent with media and advertising spending “continues to be way out of whack in favor of print, giving us an indication there is a lot more upside for Internet and mobile.”

One example of mobile ad growth, she noted [...]

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January 27, 2012

Drchrono patient care platform for iPad attracts some interesting new investors

Among the new investors in the $2.8 million round is Matt Cutts, who heads Google’s Webspam team and is one of the key leaders of Google’s search quality group. The new round of funding was led by Internet investor Yuri Milner who was already an investor in the Mountain, View, CA company. 

Milner’s Digital Sky Technologies also has investments in Facebook, Groupon and Zinga.  Forbes estimates Milner has a net worth of $1 billion. 

“The drchrono team has built an incredibly exciting product that helps physicians modernize their practice and enhances quality of care for patients,” said Milner. “I am [...]

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November 29, 2011

E La Carte tablet helps you order dinner

The tablet allows eaters to enter the number of guests, peruse the menu and learn more about the local area. The model integrates with all the major POS systems, according to the company behind the tablet.

On the menu, there are options to switch food categories, add items to the cart, and view full-size images of the food. Orders can be modified by the user as they see fit.

For payments, the ‘Presto’ tablet enables diners to pay on card using the attached card reader, and calculate tips on the touchscreen. Diners can sign the touchscreen using their finger, and receipts can be emailed to their email account.

If they have any complaints, these can be [...]

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November 10, 2011

Jumptap: The tablet is catching the PC for eCommerce

Jumptap’s ‘Wave Two’ research looks into mobile advertising and is based on data from comScore. The report follows Jumptap's Wave One study, which focused on automotive audience data.

The research revealed that consumers under 35 are the most likely to use tablets for purchases. 79% of tablet owners aged 18-34 purchase products with the device; compared to 50% of those aged 35-54 and 43%, if aged 55 or older.

The study found that the top three products and services bought using mobile devices are event tickets, daily deals from sites like Groupon, and apparel. Security was cited as a prominent reason why some shoppers prefer to shop in-store, or [...]

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