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Acadian Ambulance, which is headquartered out of Lafayette, Louisiana, announced recently that it is deploying F5t rugged tablet computers from Motion Computing across their fleet for mobile dispatch... and electronic patient care recording.

The company’s fleet includes more than 400 ambulances, eight medical transport helicopters and five fixed-wing aircraft. The company and its subsidia...

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On Monday, the F.D.A. said its oversight will apply to two broad categories of apps:

Those intended to be used as “an accessory to a regulated medical device” – for example,... an app that enables a healthcare provider to diagnose a condition by viewing a medical image from a picture archiving or communication system on a smartphone or tablet; or Apps that “transform...
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When these devices give way to the next generation of instruments (Google Glass?), tablet computing will have developed a healthy relationship in the healthcare sector. They're compact, portable... and have all the basic computing functions on which doctors rely on.

Why doctors love tablets

Citing an article from, 62 percent of doctors in America now use tablet computers. The a...

4.4b Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D screen-resized

Healthcare goes high tech, with these iPad apps designed to help medical practitioners and students alike.


Pocket Pharmacist

Pocket Pharmacist is a complete... guide to drug interactions. It’s also got an included medical dictionary, pill identifier, searchable database of symptoms, and information about various herbs and supplements.

Download iPad/i...
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Research and Markets says that every major biopharmaceutical company has developed iPad apps. The apps cover the entire range of activities from helping incontinent patients find a public toilet and... educating doctors on drugs to reading electronic medical and health records.

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, tablets have been deployed across a range of use cases, including sal...

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The firm’s Cybercitizen Health U.S. 2012 study discovered that there were 29 million people using tablets for these purposes in 2012 compared to 15 million in 2011.

These new figures would... equate to one in ten U.S. adults (based on a projected adult population of 314 million by the U.S. Consensus Bureau) or 40% of all U.S. tablet owners (according to an earlier survey in the year from eMar...

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Clinical research in pediatrics is often hampered by the difficulty health providers have in recruiting patients for studies. According to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s... Health, 84% of parents are not aware of medical research opportunities for children.

Could iPads in the waiting room help medical researchers recruit patients into clinical trials?

That’s the...

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The research group claims that the 62% penetration is more than double than that of last year, and unsurprisingly notes Apple’s iPad as the preferred slate of choice among the working, tech-using... doctors.

The study, which took in the views of 3,015 practising physicians covering 25 specialities in the US in the first quarter of the year, also found that physicians with three screens (table...

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The data, put together in the infographic below, details that about 88% of doctors are in full support of patients tracking their health at home, using the aforementioned apps, especially for watching... their weight, blood sugar levels and checking vital signs.

“With the forthcoming changes to the U.S. healthcare system, there will be an increased focus on wellness programs and preventativ...

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A 2011 study by Morgan Stanley Research surveying 50 chief information officers suggests that tablet enterprise adoption could be more widespread than many investors expected.

Two-thirds of the... surveyed CIOs expected to either purchase tablets for some employees or to allow employee-owned tablets onto their networks within one year.

Tablets are gaining steady traction in the supply cha...