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The industrialization of the 19th century brought with it an enormous rise in consumer goods. Where before, a specialized craftsman made every broom, cupboard or plate in a house, the factories now... mass-produced household goods at cheap prices. Result? People stuffed their houses with low quality items. 

As a reaction against this clutter, the Arts and Crafts movement was born. The...

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Surveying 2,252 adults by telephone from April to May for a new report, Pew Research Center found that tablet adoption rose from 18% in 2012 to 34% in 2013, a remarkable figure considering the same... firm reckons tablet adoption was as low as 8% two years ago and 3% in 2010.

There were some other interesting stats when it came to demographic groups most likely to own a tablet.

Pew c...

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Tablets will be rated based on the Energy Star version 6.1 specification at some point in the future. Energy Star is a joint effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department... of Energy (DOE)

The Energy Star program, which helps shoppers identify the most power-efficient programs, already covers a range of tech and other products including laptops, desktops, monitors, ligh...

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Starting with tablets, Forrester says tablet adoption in the U.S. now reaches 19% of the population, more than double what it’s survey found in 2011.

Demographic breakouts were also revealing.... For example, Gen Yers lead in technology adoption.

Forrester says Gen Yers own the most connected devices and more than seven in 10 have a smartphone, and 25% own a tablet.

(Gen Y, also sometim...

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The new mobile service is designed to let you order a range of everyday goods from your mobile device with free nationwide two-day shipping and no minimum purchase.

PayDragon’s Checkout... feature in its iPhone and Android app, lets smartphone or tablet users scan, search and shop for non-perishable grocery and household items, like chips, cereal, soap, shampoo, and purchase them from w...

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The group measured how much power was needed to charge an iPad with a drained battery, and on the basis of the device needing charging every other day, found that the latest iPad consumes 11.86... kilowatt-hours of electricity over the year, putting the yearly expenditure at a miniscule $1.36.

As you would expect, the EPRI found the first and second-generation iPads to consume significan...

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The quarterly “Conversation Index” research series by Bazaarvoice reveals a number of trends among mobile users taking particular note of a growing trend among iPad users. 

The... social technology firm says that over the last three months, on average, 5% of the total traffic to the websites of 67 retail and consumer manufacturers it has as clients, came from iPads during the 8 p.m hour. Th...

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Médiamétrie worked with research firm GfK for the “Référence des équipements multimédias" report, which interviewed people from 22,000 households... in the country. These households were selected to represent the opinions of the country as a whole.

As a result of the survey, Médiamétrie found that 525,000 French homes now plan...