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Best laptops under $400 – performance without the price!

Looking for a new laptop that's powerful but wallet friendly? Here's our pick of the best laptops currently available for under $400!
avatarby Leon Hitchens2 weeks ago0 comments

Best laptops under $300 – the best deals on a budget!

Buying a laptop can be an expensive affair but there’s plenty of deals to be had! If your budget is tight, here’s our pick of the best laptops under $300!
avatarby Leon Hitchens2 weeks ago0 comments

What are the best budget laptops? 

There are a bunch of options out there when it comes to budget laptops, here we look at 12 options and compare them then give our verdict on each.
avatarby Alex MullisJuly 27, 20160 comments

HP announces high-end Chromebook 13, pricing starts at $500

Looking for a high-end Chromebook but not willing to pay the price for the Chromebook Pixel? The HP Chromebook 13 could be exactly what you're after.
avatarby Andrew GrushApril 28, 20160 comments

HP Spectre x2 hands on: A Surface Pro challenger

Hands on with the HP Spectre x2, a 2-in-1 portable machine that aims to challenge the Microsoft Surface Pro with style, power and prowess.
avatarby Nirave GondhiaOctober 22, 20151 comments

Small Windows 8.1 tablets are an amazing value for business

[featured][/featured] There was a time a hundred bucks might get you a decent computer accessory like a high end mouse, or speakers, but a full-fledged computer? Unheard of until now. Recent price breakthroughs in Intel-based tablets and special offers from Microsoft have produced a slew of great tablet deals at $100-$200 for full-fledged Windows 8.1 tablets in the 7- to 8-inch display range. There are some interesting advantages to these new tablets for businesses and enterprises looking to mobilize their workforce beyond just the low price, though that’s a significant benefit. For example, not only is say a Toshiba Encore Mini WT7 Signature Edition tablet a steal at [...]
avatarby Tab TimesDecember 5, 20141 comments

HP boss Meg Whitman probably isn’t a fan of Microsoft or its Surface tablets

In comments first reported by Business Insider, Whitman appeared angered by Microsoft’s decisions to launch the Surface tablets and to bail out competitor Dell, and also inferred frustration at the collapse of the once-dominant Wintel partnership. “HP’s traditional highly profitable markets face significant disruption,” said Whitman, who saw HP take an 11% hit in the PC business in August. “Wintel devices are being challenged by ARM-based devices. We are seeing profound changes in the competitive landscape. Current partners like Intel and Microsoft are turning from partners to outright competitors.” Whitman says that HP now has [...]
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 10, 20130 comments
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