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How to use Find My iPad when you’ve lost your iPad

April 8, 2016
Apple has a tool to help you recover a misplaced iPad, or iPhone for that matter, follow along to see how to use Find my iPad.
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8 reasons to buy an iPad for work

June 11, 2015
Looking for a new tablet for work? You could choose an Android or Windows tablet but here's eight key reasons you should use an iPad for work.
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Clear productivity apps now supports iOS 7′s Background Refresh feature

October 28, 2013

Now your lists in Clear will now update more often, refreshing your lists from iCloud in the background and keeping them up to date across all of your devices running Clear.

The update is available for the $1.99 Clear app for iPhone and the $4.99 Clear+ for iPhone and iPad.

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Apple’s revamp of Numbers for iOS brings slicker interface; still lacks features vs. Excel

October 28, 2013

The new apps went live last month after Apple announced the changes at its special event to promote the iPad Air and other hardware refreshes.

Additionally, the iWork apps are now free for anyone purchasing a new iOS device or Mac. This move gives the company a stronger productivity ecosystem in which to greater compete with Microsoft Office. By linking your devices to iCloud, you can work on the same file and collaborate with others across a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Yet some have complained Apple's iWork suite has taken a collective step backwards with the updates to the Mac version. In order to bring the long overdue feature parity between the mobile and [...]

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Super social iPad email app Molto heads to iPhone, Android tablets

October 23, 2013

Israel-based firm Perion is behind the app and it confirmed the news of the rebranding and the new app in a short email to users today.

Molto supports Gmail, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo and GMX email accounts and lets you sync with Facebook to add avatar pictures to contacts. The design interface is the same as the iPad version — which is now a unified app with the iPhone — and new emails look like digital cards.

Both the iOS app (free, iTunes) – which supports iOS 7 – and the Android tablet app (free, Google Play) offer some neat features, like the ability to make a quick reply or to action on emails by swiping to the left or right. You can also apply [...]

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Behind Apple’s new iPads is a push to extend its software edge

October 22, 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an update on how many tablet apps are in the App Store and was quick to jab competitors for not keeping up.

“There are now 475,000 custom apps for the iPad,” said Cook. “And these are not stretched out smartphone apps that the others have.”

That number is a huge  jump from earlier this year in June when Apple said there were 375,000 apps optimized for the iPad out of 900,000 total. Today Apple said there are now over a million iOS apps in total.

Cook then went on to emphasize that it’s not just quantity, but the quality of the apps, showing a video of iPads being used in a wide variety of ways, including [...]

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The best 25 Android tablet apps

October 20, 2013

Android’s app ecosystem is ever improving. Those looking for apps geared towards work, productivity, or more casual uses now have an increasing number of options for their Android-powered tablet.

This list, in random order, is our take on the best 25 that Google Play has to offer.


While Google’s stock keyboard has greatly improved, neither it nor other competitors can top SwiftKey. This keyboard offers intelligent typing prediction that greatly reduces one’s errors. If you so choose SwiftKey can analyze your Gmail, SMS messages or blog to learn typing patterns and make mobile communication less [...]

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Best New iPad Apps: Share your favorite videos, collaborate with friends & keep a digital journal

October 18, 2013
Discover great videos with Rockpack

If you regularly watch videos on iPad, you most likely rely on YouTube or rabt, or maybe Curious and TED if you’re looking for something a little more educational.

Where most of these apps — especially YouTube – don’t score so heavily though is in discovering new content and also on sharing favored videos with friends and family.

That’s where Rockpack comes in. Now on version 1.4.5, it lets you pick our excellent videos and assort them in your own curated list which you can share with friends or to other users in the Rockpack community.

The app has a pretty slick user interface and is visually [...]

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iWork for iCloud: Refined Google Docs rival enhances your iOS productivity

October 3, 2013

Apple launched the first public beta of iWork for iCloud.com when it announced iOS 7 in early September and promised that it would be open to anyone with a valid Apple ID. The product is due to go live this fall.

The feel of iOS 7 on your desktop

I’ve been testing the consumer beta of the product for a while now and there is one thing that struck me pretty early on; iWork for iCloud is going to be a welcome addition for all iOS users.

I’ll move onto the specific editing tools shortly, but first let me tackle the solution’s accessibility, which is the big news here.

It’s common knowledge that Apple’s iWork apps were previously only [...]

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4 iPad apps I can’t live without for work and play

September 29, 2013

If I was buying my first tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Nexus and several others would all get consideration and no doubt would help me be productive, but I'd still pick iPad for the range of apps and the ecosystem that supports it.

Of the many iPad apps I use, here are the four I find really make using the iPad worthwhile. 

Tweetbot: Get more more out of Twitter

I'm an information hog.  Twitter for me is an invaluable tool for information gathering.  I follow some very insightful people and have lists created for industry news sites I follow.  For me I use Twitter like others use RSS feeds.  I find it [...]

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