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The new apps went live last month after Apple announced the changes at its special event to promote the iPad Air and other hardware refreshes.

Additionally, the iWork apps are now free for... anyone purchasing a new iOS device or Mac. This move gives the company a stronger productivity ecosystem in which to greater compete with Microsoft Office. By linking your devices to iCloud, you can wor...

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Israel-based firm Perion is behind the app and it confirmed the news of the rebranding and the new app in a short email to users today.

Molto supports Gmail, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo and GMX email... accounts and lets you sync with Facebook to add avatar pictures to contacts. The design interface is the same as the iPad version — which is now a unified app with the iPhone — and new em...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an update on how many tablet apps are in the App Store and was quick to jab competitors for not keeping up.

“There are now 475,000 custom apps for the iPad,”... said Cook. “And these are not stretched out smartphone apps that the others have.”

That number is a huge  jump from earlier this year in June when Apple said there were 375,00...


Android’s app ecosystem is ever improving. Those looking for apps geared towards work, productivity, or more casual uses now have an increasing number of options for their Android-powered tablet.

This... list, in random order, is our take on the best 25 that Google Play has to offer.


While Google’s stock keyboard has greatly improved, neither it nor other competitors can t...

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Discover great videos with Rockpack

If you regularly watch videos on iPad, you most likely rely on YouTube or rabt, or maybe Curious and TED if you’re looking for something a little more educational.

Where... most of these apps — especially YouTube – don’t score so heavily though is in discovering new content and also on sharing favored videos with friends and family.

That’s where Rockpack comes i...

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Apple launched the first public beta of iWork for when it announced iOS 7 in early September and promised that it would be open to anyone with a valid Apple ID. The product is due to go live... this fall.

The feel of iOS 7 on your desktop

I’ve been testing the consumer beta of the product for a while now and there is one thing that struck me pretty early on; iWork for iCloud is g...

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If I was buying my first tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Nexus and several others would all get consideration and no doubt would help me be productive, but I'd still... pick iPad for the range of apps and the ecosystem that supports it.

Of the many iPad apps I use, here are the four I find really make using the iPad worthwhile. 

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New  features are cool, but no one wants to get burned with upgrades that take hours or end up requiring more intensive tech support.

Fortunately by following a few key... strategies your iOS 7 upgrade should go smoothly. You will be enjoying all that translucence and pastel in no time.

Tip one: Backup your device

This may sound like trite advice, but d...

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Improved search bar

Search was a bit of a hassle with iOS 6. You had to scroll back endlessly to your first home page to get to the search menu and even then it was an uninspiring, tepid grey screen... with a search bar bolted at the top.

With iOS 7, you can search from any page by pulling your finger down from the top of the screen (note: don’t do as I did at first, which was go too far...