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There aren't many details about the new tablet in the YouTube video, but plenty of hints as to what LG is shooting for.

The LG G Pad 8.3 video shows a series of man (and woman) in the street... interviews answering the question, “What would make a tablet just right for you.”

Presumably, LG cherry-picked the answers to conform to what the LG Pad 8.3 will deliver, including an...

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The study sampled about 8,300 people and analyzed their viewing habits at the time of day when they normally watch video. It followed up with webcam interviews.

IPG suggests the better ad... recall is due to the fact that viewers tend to watch videos on tablets when they’re just sitting at home.

Stay on top of the latest in tablets in media; subscribe to the free TabTimes Mark...

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Keeping U.S. armed forces on their feet requires that military leaders monitor health trends in personnel to prevent diseases from spreading and sidelining the troops abroad. The DOD’s Infectious... Disease Clinical Research Program (IDCRP) is one division that is helping keep tabs on the health of service people.  

This network of clinics and research centers is conducting ongoing trial...

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Using eye tracking gear, observation and exit interviews, the researcher's updated Eyetrack study evaluated how 36 people interacted with real news stories on an iPad, with these people split... between the ages of 18-28 and 45-55.

What the study discovered was that there were two kinds of tablet reader; those that were ‘intimately’ involved with the iPad (accounting for 61%...

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Taking in the opinions of 2,500 people aged 8-54 as well as conducting qualitative interviews with tablet users in New York and Los Angeles, the “Tapping into Tabletomics” report indicates... that tablets now account for 15% of full-length TV viewing in the US, putting the form factor firmly ahead of the desktop and smartphone for this kind of content consumption.

Viacom found that co...