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Detailing the teardown to AllThingsD recently, research firm IHS concluded that the 16GB, Wi-Fi iPad Air cost just $274 to build, some $42 cheaper than the same-specced iPad 3.

That said, some... components were more expensive than before. The Retina Display was one example, even though it relied on fewer LED lights (36 compared to 84) as it used an optical film layer to spread the lightness.<...

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The deal sees the Wi-Fi only model drop from $799 to $679, and the cellular model fall from $929 to $789. Both models are Apple-certified, are available in black and white and come with a one-year warranty,... which acts as some reassurance that these refurbs should last for a while yet.

Apple fixes up refurbished models with a brand new battery and outer shell and the 128GB model is the latest in a long lin...

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No on version 4.1, the app offers up “general improvements to call quality and stability” as well as the HD video calling feature for iPad 4 users.

The bad news is that while first,... second and third generation iPad users will be able to upgrade to the app (free, iTunes), they will still have to make do with standard-definition video calls.

That is because only the latest iPa...

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The $299 Square Stand has a built-in credit card reader and works with either the iPad 2 or iPad 3.

Square’s card swipers for iPad are already a hit with small business and the company... recently inked a huge deal to provide payment systems to Starbucks. Now the Square Stand builds the iPad out to a fuller point of sale system.

To that end, Square is also offering several addi...

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For iPad 3 and 4 owners the new telephoto accessory offers 10x zoom, while iPad Mini get a bit more zoom at up to 12x.

The iPad telephoto lens accessory costs $25 from Photojojo.

You won't... always want to have the lens sticking out of your iPad, but as CultofMac puts it succinctly it's a handy option to have when you need to take a picture because "sometimes you just can’t walk an...

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CNET reports that an Apple retail store on Stockton Street in San Francisco has taken upon itself to offer free upgrades to those who bought an iPad 3 in the last 30 days (an increase from Apple’s... useful return policy of 14 days).

The manager of that specific store said that it was up to individual stores to enforce such a policy, although CNET’s sister website ZDNet reveals that UK Ap...

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The auction reseller collected the results from its Instant Service, which allows users to swap their old hardware devices for cash. Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, eBay found that 97.6%... of tablets being traded in were iPad 1 or iPad 2 tablets.

The overbearing opinion is that these are users preparing to gather the funding for an iPad 3, although it is also thought that iPad 1 s...

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Apple sent out invitations to the event this morning, according to a reports in Cnet and elsewhere. The event is slated for March 7 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco where it’s... also held other product launches. 

In an economy of words, the invite merely says "We have something you really have to see. And touch."

To date, Apple&rsq...