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February 22, 2015

Otterbox Cases for the iPad – Which one is for you?

If you're looking for the ultimate protection, here is a roundup of all the Otterbox cases available for the iPad!
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December 4, 2014

The 4 best accessories every iPad owner should have

In this article I’ll summarize what I’ve found to be the key accessories that have made me more productive with my iPad, either in the office, on the couch or on the road.

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My list is not all inclusive as there are many, many accessories that can make your tablet experience more productive and I would look forward to hearing about your own ideas in the comments.

#1 – Keyboard / Case

You will want a case for protection and if you do a lot of typing then you may want to consider a folio case which is a case and keyboard built into one.

Recommended Folio Case: Anker Bluetooth iPad Folio Case

The Anker [...]

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March 8, 2013

Kensington to launch tough new iPad cases for corporate users [video]

The company was exhibiting at the Insight Technology Show in London today, where it showcased two new products not yet released on the market.

The first of these is a new ‘Ruggedized Case’, which is for iPad 2, 3, 4 and 5.The case, which appears to be made of soft rubber, is droppable, has a flip-out stand and handle, and can be fitted with a physical Kensington lock to stave off the threat of it becoming lost or stolen.

The second new iPad case is the latest SecureBack Security Case model from the Silicon Valley-based company and, as expected, fits the latest iPads out on the market. Users simply have to slide their iPad into the case, at which point it can [...]

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November 29, 2012

Open for business: New iPad and iPad mini cases can feature personalized company logos

Prior to making these cases, the Chicago-based iGearUnlimited consulted a number of its business customers to find out what they desired for their iPad cases.

What the firm found was that these folk want lightweight iPad cases that offer complete device protection, the auto wake/sleep functionality, access to all ports and buttons as well as multiple screen viewing angles.

Furthermore, the firm discovered that the same companies were keen on incorporating their own logos or artwork on the iPad cases, particularly in a move to boost brand awareness.

After taking on-board all of these recommendations, the e-tailer has released the Custom iPad Case and iPad Mini [...]

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July 6, 2012

BookBook for iPad Review: Volume 2 of this retro case improves on the original

iPad cases tend to come in a few basic varieties. They're either non-descript and (usually) basic black, or they come in bright, candy colors. The improved BookBook for iPad, dubbed "Volume 2" offers a good compromise—it looks like an antique leather-bound book. It's understated enough to be right at home in the boardroom, but stylish enough not to blend in with all the other black iPad cases in the room.

BookBook is handmade from premium leather. Each case is unique, and the vintage look means it'll get better as it ages. From the outside, BookBook looks like a slim antique tome, clad in either black, red or brown. On the inside, your iPad is [...]

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