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January 3, 2015

7 Common problems with the iPad and how to fix them

Ever since its introduction, the Apple iPad has proved to be one of the most popular devices available, continuing to maintain its stronghold in the ever-growing tablet market. Through every subsequent generation and changing form factors, the growth and market share of these tablets have continued not only in the US, but across the world, by combining a premium build quality and design with a software experience that is appreciated by many.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most mobile technology available today, the iPad is not without its flaws. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the common issues that plague iPad owners, and offer potential solutions on how to [...]

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November 14, 2013

This useful web tool can help you find an iPad mini 2

The free web tool is housed at the unlikely location of, a website which is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles, and simply details availability by revealing the number of units at each store. The numbers are in red if out of stock, or green if available, and the grid-like layout breaks this information down by model type and the numerous Apple retail stores.

No explanation has been given as to how the website has come to gather this data, although Cult of Mac suggests that the people behind the service are using a public-facing XML service on Apple’s site to check each individual store.

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November 12, 2013

Good deal: Target to offer $100 gift cards to iPad Air buyers on Black Friday

The store is currently selling the 16GB iPad Air with Wi-Fi for $479 – which is already a saving of $20 over Apple’s own price – but has confirmed that Black Friday buyers splashing out on Apple’s latest tablet will also get a $100 store gift card.

This deal isn’t just for iPad Air buyers though; Target promises to give a $75 gift card to iPad mini buyers and $50 and $30 cards to those picking up a fifth-generation iPod Touch or iPhone 5S respectively.

Other notable deals over the Black Friday period from the retailer include a $60 pack of iTunes gift cards for $50 as well as $10 off Apple TV models.

Interested parties will need to [...]

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November 1, 2013

Apple, Best Buy Staples join Walmart in offering iPad Air for $479

Walmart last week confirmed that it would sell the iPad Air for $479 on November 1 – representing a discount of just $20 on the list price – and on the day of the launch Apple, Best Buy Staples followed suit by offering the fifth-generation 16GB tablet at the same price.

That said, Apple and Best Buy are still charging the suggested $499 retail price for the entry iPad mini on their respective online stores, meaning you’ll have to head a physical store for the $20 discount. RadioShack is to start listing the iPad Air tomorrow albeit at the recommended $499 price tag.

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October 31, 2013

Retailer confirms November 21 launch date for Retina Display iPad mini

As first spotted by MacRumors, the listing runs through all the 16GB tablet’s specs — including the new 2048 x 1536 resolution display and Apple A7 processor — before revealing the release date towards the bottom of the page.

Apple announced the new iPad mini as well as the iPad Air in San Francisco on October 22.

The smaller model is expected to be the big attraction this holiday season though; Apple CEO Tim Cook admits that the firm may struggle to meet demand while one analyst reckons the slate could outsell its bigger brother by a factor of almost 2:1.

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October 24, 2013

Happy problem? IHS says Apple won’t be able to meet new iPad mini demand in Q4

When Apple announced the new iPad Air Tuesday it was very clear about availability, noting it will become go on sale starting November 1. 

But Apple was less precise about the iPad mini with Retina display, noting it would be available "later in November" perhaps an indication that the tech giant isn't quite so ready on the supply side with the smaller tablet.

Now research firm IHS says it expects Apple won't be able to meet demand this holiday season once the iPad mini with Retina display does go on sale. The shortfall is expected to greatly improve by Q1 2014.

But for this quarter, IHS analysts project Apple will only be able to ship less [...]

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October 18, 2013

How much for the Retina Display iPad mini? This analyst is betting on $329

In a note to investors, Misek indicated his belief that the tablet will come equipped with a Retina Display but cited display issues as the reason for a possible shortage come launch day.

“We expect a Retina Display iPad mini to be introduced at $329,” wrote Misek, in a note first reported on by Barrons.

“Yields for Retina film based display for mini remain terrible, which is why there was speculation that the launch could be pushed out to CQ1. We think initial launch supplies could be constrained to as few units as 2-5M [million].”

(Worth reading: Big news for small tablets — Analyst reckons iPad mini 2 will outsell iPad 5 this [...]

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October 15, 2013

Looks like the iPad 5 will have a fingerprint sensor

Chinese news website posted the photo and it appears to show that the fifth-generation iPad will have a home button that incorporates the Touch ID sensor. The sensor, a result of Apple acquiring fingerprint security company AuthenTec last July, currently features on the new iPhone 5S and lets users unlock their device via fingerprint recognition.

It won’t be long to wait to see if the TouchID sensor does feature on Apple’s latest iPads – the firm is expected to unveil the iPad 5 and second-generation iPad mini at a launch event on October 22.

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October 14, 2013

Apple might unwrap a new kind of Smart Cover with the iPad 5

Even if Apple adds no features whatsoever, it will have to redesign the Smart Cover as the iPad 5 is expected to have a new form factor closer to the iPad mini.

One possible change, it could have an opening in the cover to accommodate the finger print authentication feature new with the iPhone 5s that may make its way to the iPad 5.  

Another possibility is a fabric cover like Apple already offers for the iPad mini. 

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October 14, 2013

Apple analyst expects iPad 6 to have significantly better Retina Display

In a new research note published over the weekend, Kuo claimed that the sixth-generation iPad could have 30-40% higher pixel density than the current Retina Display model, but played down those reports of a 12.9-inch Apple tablet coming to market.

“Contrary to speculation that next year’s iPad next year may come in a 12-inch  form, or larger, we think it will not change from the current 9.7-inch format as we think a 12-inch iPad would not provide a good mobility experience given today’s technology limitations,” wrote Kuo, in comments first reported by MacRumors.

“In light [of] advancing Oxide and a-Si technologies, the PPI (pixels per [...]

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