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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post

August 5, 2013

The Post has been slower than other major newspapers such as the New York Times at making the shift to a digital based business.

But Bezos said in a statement he’s not ready to make major moves in the storied newspaper right away:

It’s not clear what Bezos intends to do with the Washington Post, famous for breaking the Watergate scandal and numerous Pulitzer prizes for its political and foreign reporting. And whether, for example, Bezos will try to create some synergy between the site or the company’s Kindle line of devices (though this is Bezo not Amazon making the purchase).

The Post’s founders have long been ideologically [...]

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Kindle a bright spot in Amazon’s negative earnings report

July 25, 2013

The ecommerce giant said it lost $7 million on revenue of $15.7 billion, compared to earnings of $7 million on revenue of $12.83 billion this time last year. 

In its earnings release Amazon highlighted Kindle: “This past quarter, our top 10 selling items worldwide were all digital products – Kindles, Kindle Fire HDs, accessories and digital content,” said CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon launch the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and Kindle Fire HD tablet in China in June, and said, “Customer response to this launch significantly exceeded expectations and product went out of stock in many retail outlets within the first week.” 

Source [...]

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos files patent for ‘dumb’ tablets powered by base stations

March 26, 2013

All of that, as the site GeekWire reports, would be delivered wirelessly by a nearby base station.

That base station would also receive user input (for example, detecting a gesture or receiving voice commands from across the room) and handle the behind-the-scenes processing (sending a signal to the display to turn the page, for example).

The filing, which lists Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and VP Greg Hart as co-inventors, says the remote displays will be able to operate “for substantially longer periods and may not need to be recharged,” i.e. no need for power chords.

The future of Kindle? 

Might this be the design for a future Kindle device in the [...]

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Clearing the decks for the Kindle Fire 2? Amazon runs out of Kindle Fire tablets

August 30, 2012

"Kindle Fire is sold out, but we have an exciting roadmap ahead," said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a statement.

That roadmap will most likely have some role for the Kindle Fire 2, the touted successor to the Kindle Fire and a tablet which is reportedly expected to debut on September 6.

Although little is known at the moment in terms of what the Kindle Fire 2 might come with, sources claim that the new model will be thinner, offer a better display and will come at a price of $199 — the same as the current model.

Amazon rival Barnes & Noble recently discounted its Nook Tablets, quite possibly in the knowledge that the Kindle Fire 2 is coming to [...]

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Want to advertise on the Kindle Fire? That’ll cost you $600,000

May 18, 2012

According to Ad Age, this lump sum will see your ad campaigns run for two months, and will also see your ad included in Amazon's own “Special Offers” advertising, which doesn't seem an awful lot giving the price.

But there’s more. Ad Age says that agencies willing to splash out up to $1 million will get even more ad inventory in the "Special Offers" section and will also be included as part of Amazon’s “public-relations push”, which – for all we know – could be anything from a couple of press releases to a full-blown marketing campaign.

In fairness to Amazon, giving the popularity of the $199 Kindle Fire, [...]

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Amazon’s not done with tablets – it could launch four new models in 2012

March 29, 2012

The news website says that the 10.1-inch model is likely to be priced between $249 and $299, and claims that Amazon has not moved to confirm any launch of an 8.9-inch model yet because it still has some concerns over pricing.

As with earlier rumors, the source says that a 7-inch model, priced around $199, will come to market in the second quarter, and claims that Jeff Bezos' firm is looking to introduce a $169 tablet of the same size to cater for the low-end market.

All of these new products would seem to be boosting Amazon expectations, with Digitimes claiming that Amazon now expects overall tablet shipments to rise from 5-6 million units in 2011 to 20 million [...]

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Amazon’s digital library offers a free book a month

November 7, 2011

Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is designed to enhance the value of Kindle ownership by giving users the ability to borrow books for free — including over a 100 current and former New York Times bestsellers. 

There are a couple of caveats though. Unlike a library there is no due date for returning a book, but you can only borrow a book a month. Kindle owners must also have an Amazon Prime membership that includes discounts on shipping of products purchased via Amazon and commercial free videos for a $79 annual fee. 

“Owning a Kindle just got even better,” said Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos in a [...]

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Kindle Fire not sparking Amazon’s outlook

October 26, 2011

Amazon forecast fourth-quarter revenue of $16.34 billion to $18.65 billion, compared with an average estimate of $18.15 billion, according to analysts compiled by Thomson Reuters. 

Amazon shares were down over 10 percent in midday trading Wednesday at $203.

In a statement Amazon said it could report a $200 million operating loss to a $250 million operating profit in the holiday quarter as it spends on the Kindle Fire and other initiatives. The spread between profit and loss is a 142 percent decline and 47 percent decline compared with the fourth quarter of last year depending on how things play out. 

That forecast, which [...]

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