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Providing iPad and iPod users are running at least iOS 6, the new unified iOS app (free, iTunes) will allow these folk to send both personal and group messages to their BBM contacts.

The new... and improved app also fixes a previous bug where users were missing contact names and makes it easier for users to find friends and to invite contacts to group conversations.

That last change...

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LinkedIn reboots iPad app with better results

LinkedIn has a huge database of users (over 200 million now) but it hasn’t always got things right when it comes to design and the user experience.... In fact, I’ve been particularly critical of the LinkedIn iPad app, which lacked a number of the iPhone features and which wasn’t even working consistently after I upgraded to iOS 7.


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The XPS 10 Web page lists models of the tablet as being “unavailable,” and points users to the Latitude 10 tablet, which runs Windows 8 and has an Intel Atom processor.

While... Lenovo, Asus and Samsung have announced new Windows 8.1 hybrids with Intel chips, none of them have said they plan to relaunch an RT product based on an ARM processor.

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The new app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), will automatically scan for existing local Chromecast devices, as well as let you set up a new one to add to your Wi-Fi network. It also lists... compatible apps, which for now include both YouTube and Netflix on iOS, from which to broadcast content.

The Chromecast for iOS app is essentially equivalent to the Android version released in mid...

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The Tophatter app (free, iTunes) allows users to take part in a virtual auction world where every buyer and seller has an avatar, and where bids can start from as little as $1.00.

Buyers and... sellers can gather in virtual rooms to compete on specific products, while the iPad’s larger screen enables folk to browse items, see lists of sales items and even use the chat feature to talk...

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The app now enables power users to jump between various Twitter accounts as well as pin certain accounts or Twitter lists (note: these can be any lists, not just your own) to your Windows 8 home screen.... This last feature is particularly useful when you consider that the app promises to update these in real-time.

Twitter also claims to have boosted the speed of the Windows 8 app, which is available...

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The retailer lists 16GB and 32GB versions of the tablet and also reveals that the tablet will run the latest Android 4.3 operating system, something which has been subject to much speculation prior... to the launch.

The product page goes onto state that the tablet has – as expected – an improved 1920 x 1200 resolution display, the quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro proc...

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A device codenamed SM-P900 was spotted on a Samsung website which lists ‘User Agent Profiles’, files which mobile devices refer to so in order to identify themselves to web servers.

Japanese... tech blog RBMen found three variants of the SM-P900– SM-P900 (thought to be the 3G version), SM-P901 (Wi-Fi) and SM-P905 (LTE) – and each of these list the tablet as having a 1.4GHz processor, the An...

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A new Datastore API will let users store and sync any kind of application data — that includes game states, contacts and to-do lists.

For example, when you make your to-do list on your... iPad while commuting on the train, and then open your computer at home, it will be synced with all your Dropbox-enabled apps on that device.

“You’re not worried about what logo&rsq...