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PCWorld reports that Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich detailed the company’s tablet plans when speaking during a San Francisco press conference on Monday.

“I’m not going to project... when, but I’m going to say we’re moving aggressively and you’ll see things soon,” said Eich.

“We’re going to get to tablets ASAP.”

Mozilla show...

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As predicted last week, the two companies confirmed their partnership at Taiwan’s Computex exhibition and said that they are co-developing at least five new devices for prospective OEM partners,... including a tablet running the Firefox operating system.

Few details on the partnership or forthcoming devices were revealed at the show, although Mozilla Taiwan CEO Li Gong and Foxconn’s Y...

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Mozilla’s ‘Junior’ is a prototype WebKit browser for the iPad and has a simple back button for revisiting web pages, and a ‘plus’ button for exploring recent pages, bookmarks... and a unified search/URL bar.

Although still early in development, a presentation from Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy (the Junior demo starts after 31 minutes) shows that the browser offers...