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7-inch Android tablets, are there any good ones left?
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TabTimes Monthly – May 2016 – iPad Pro 9.7 international giveaway
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Apple News on iOS 9, hands-on impressions

September 16, 2015
Apple News was announced earlier this year, and will be available sometime this fall. While you wait, here is our impressions of Apple News on iOS 9.
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Watch out Flipboard: Facebook is reportedly building a mobile news reader

June 24, 2013

Citing people with close connections to the company, The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has been working on a news delivery service called 'Reader' for over a year.

The sources say that the service displays content from Facebook users and publishers in a “new visual format tailored for mobile devices” and add that users are able to swipe through articles as they would on Flipboard or other news aggregation apps.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to be watching the project closely, and has even provided feedback on design on more than one occasion, while the service is expected to debut first on Apple's iPhone and iPad.

This [...]

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Pulse makes news via content deal with the Associated Press

January 6, 2012

AP, one of the biggest news syndication services to newspapers, is branching out aggressively into the tablet area in a content deal with news reader Pulse. Starting today, AP will appear as a featured content provider on Pulse’s service. Content includes not only the text of AP’s news stories, but photography and video content. Pulse users will also have the option to select all or just specific streams of AP content, such as news, business, entertainment, health, politics and sports.

Pulse noted in a blog post that beyond traditional news categories, AP offers unique content such as a a collection of strange news seen by its crew of journalists.

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TabTimes Monthly – May 2016 – iPad Pro 9.7 international giveaway

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TabTimes Monthly – May 2016 – iPad Pro 9.7 international giveaway
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