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Boston Globe to use reader donations to bring iPads to schools in Massachusetts

January 23, 2013

The pilot program is to use $65,000 of vacation donations from Globe subscribers to buy 75 iPads and projectors, with 50 of these going to Boston Public Schools and the other 25 to be provided to Stoneham High School.

Teachers being faced with these new iPads will be given an onsite tutorial on how to use the tablet, with The Boston Globe aiming to run this program through to the spring semester. The long term future of the project will then be evaluated by teacher focus groups and could then spread to additional schools.

"We believe that digital kids turn into digital adults, to put it simply," said Robert Saurer, the Boston Globe's director of customer [...]

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Hearst to publish magazines on iPad before they go to print

January 18, 2013

Hearst says that all 22 of its magazines will become available on Apple’s Newsstand "days" before the print editions are published, with this headstart apparently varying by publication.

The decision is significant for the future of tablet publishing and could be the start of a trend, with Apple confirming to AllThingsD that it welcomes any publishers looking to go down the same route as Hearst.

Back in May of last year, Hearst said that it was selling 600,000 tablet editions each month, an impressive figure but one which was still dwarfed by the 22 million print editions sold the same time-frame.

The company has even toyed of pushing up [...]

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Apple’s in-app purchases cracked by Russian hacker

July 13, 2012

According to a report by 9to5Mac and elsewhere, the hack works by installing alternate security certificates and changing a device's DNS records to direct traffic through a server run by Alexey V. Borodin.

The Next Web reports that Borodin claims his site doesn't collect any personal information from users, besides their Apple IDs and passwords, and that more than 30,000 in-app purchases have passed through his servers so far, free of charge.

Apple's in-app purchasing system allows developers to verify in-app purchases using their own servers rather than Apple's, and that seems to be the only way currently to close loophole.

In-app purchases [...]

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Time Inc. to sell tablet magazine subscriptions through Apple’s Newsstand

June 14, 2012

These magazines will include TIME, People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle and Entertainment Weekly, all of which will be available on a subscription basis to those owning Apple's iPad, according to The New York Times.

"For a magazine or brand like People or Time, a tablet will become an increasingly important part of the experience," said Time Inc. new CEO Laura Lang. "Our goal is to offer content where our consumers want to read it."

Unlike Condé Nast and Hearst, Time has been cautious over the introduction of Apple’s Newsstand, which collates and organizes the latest digital magazines into a virtual bookshelf, and previously only [...]

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Survey: Tablet users love digital magazines, want to buy directly from ads

November 22, 2011

The report found that 66% of people who read magazines on tablets and e-Readers think they’ll be spending more time with digital issues over the next year, while 90% are respondents said that they are consuming as much – if not more – magazine content since acquiring a tablet.

Many readers prefer the newsstand-style of magazine subscription, and 76% prefer this format to reading magazines through individual apps. Approximately 55% would like to read back magazines in digital format, while 83% and 86%, respectively, are interested in archiving or sharing an article or entire issue.

Furthermore, the study found that 69% of people like watching in-app [...]

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Metro’s new iPad app attracts 155,000 downloads

October 27, 2011

As of 24th October, the newspaper said that the app, which was launched on 12th October, was being seen by 60,000 daily users, resulting in between 800,000 to one million daily page views.

“We’re absolutely delighted”, said Metro executive digital director, Jamie Walters. ““There’s a hell of a lot of engagement from people who are using it, and usage levels are fantastic. It’s exceeding expectations.

“I instinctively thought that Newsstand will work, particularly for us, because one of the issues around a daily title is getting people to download today’s edition,” said Walters.

“There are many [...]

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Android tablet users get “top magazine” articles for free via Zinio

October 26, 2011

Zinio announced this week that its Zinio Explore newsstand is now available for Android tablet users at the Android Market. 

Zinio Explore is offered alongside the “Shop” and “Read” sections designed to provide easy access to relevant topical stories across every major magazine genre, from sports to entertainment and business to lifestyle. Zinio said articles are updated daily, as new issues hit newsstands, and include such popular titles as Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Outside, T3, Marie Claire, Maxim, Rolling Stone and National Geographic.

“With Zinio, just like browsing a newsstand, readers can [...]

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Zinio gives Android tablet owners top magazine articles for free

October 24, 2011

Located in the newest version of the Zinio app's toolbar, the "Explore" feature calls up a number of the latest articles from major magazines such as Rolling Stone, National Geographic, The Economist, and more. 

"With Zinio, just like browsing a newsstand, readers can pick a magazine and read a quick article, Zinio President and CEO Rich Maggiotto said in a release. "But unlike a real-world newsstand, or any other digital newsstand, Zinio offers 5,000 magazines, covering every subject."

Left unsaid by Maggiotto is the promise (or hope) that the more readers are exposed to high-profile articles, the more likely they we will be to buy [...]

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Future Publishing reports 2m+ Apple Newsstand downloads in 4 days

October 19, 2011

The Association of Online Publishers reported that the blend of titles includes free, paid-for, and premium products, and that the revenue associated with these two million downloads exceeds the normal revenue for an entire month.

Most of the Newsstand titles are based on existing Future UK print products, and include T3, Total Film, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, ProCycling, and The Official Xbox Magazine. The technology platform these products are based on is proprietary and was developed by Future.

UK CEO Mark Wood says that "Future has sold more digital editions in the past four days through APple's Newsstand than in a normal month." He went on to say [...]

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