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You can now buy Dell’s convertible XPS 12 ultrabook

July 15, 2013

Dell claims that the fourth-generation Core processors improve the device’s speed by 1.6 times and battery life by 2.5 hours. The addition of NFC means that users will be able to transfer files by touching their device to other NFC-compatible products.

All of this means that the new XPS 12, which succeeds the original model launched last year, will start from $1,199.

For this, buyers will get an XPS 12 ultrabook with an Intel Core i5-4200U processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD.

Those willing to pay up to $1,399 will get a Core i7-4500U processor and 8GB of RAM, while another $200 bumps memory up to 512GB. 

The XPS 12 transforms into a tablet [...]

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Apple scores patent for integrating NFC

July 9, 2013

Similar to the S-Beam feature used by some Samsung Galaxy smartphones, according to Apple Insider, which first identified patent No. 8,458,363, the “System and method for simplified data transfer” describes ways to use wireless to sync data between two electronic devices.

The patent calls “for the use of NFC components, which have yet to appear in Apple’s product lineup.”

Source article

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Why tablets alone won’t save your mobilized workforce

July 2, 2013

You need to have a cloud-based IT infrastructure that can deliver services to devices that don’t have a lot of local storage, if any. Even more importantly, the tablets need to be part of a multifaceted program that integrates the complete mobile environment.

Mobilizing business processes

Introducing tablets into the workplace can be the catalyst for changing business processes – especially those traditionally driven by the flow of paper. For example, a loan officer for a bank out in the field used to have to go to an applicant’s home, have them fill out and sign the paperwork, take it back to the office, scan it into the office system or submit it for [...]

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2013 will see rapid growth, evolution of mobile malware, says McAfee

December 28, 2012

In its annual Threats Predications report for 2013, security vendor McAfee says the development and deployment of increasingly sophisticated “ransomware” technologies that will lock up a mobile phone or tablet, and threaten to keep it that way until a ransom is paid, will be a prominent trend in 2013.

“The harsh reality of these schemes is that users have no way of knowing if their device will be unlocked even if they do meet the perpetrator's demands,” McAfee said in a release highlighting the report from its McAfee Labs group. “Since attackers hijack the users' ability to access data, victims will be faced with either losing their data [...]

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Kupa launches Surface Pro tablet rival with prices starting from $1,100

December 27, 2012

Initially branded as the Kupa UltraNote when it demoed at MobileCon 2012, the X15 tablet comes as standard with a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS display, Windows 8 Pro, 8GB of RAM, dual-facing cameras, a fingerprint scanner and Bluetooth 4.0.

There are four different configurations to choose from, and this allows buyers to pick from 64GB SSD up to 128GB SSD or go with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The former processor is available through the Elite, Pro and Lux models, while the i7 comes with the high-end Ultra tablet.

All four models sport HSPA+ connectivity, which is something of a step back considering the UltraNote did boast both LTE connectivity and NFC [...]

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7 tips to consider when developing and designing mobile business apps

November 29, 2012

Smartphones, tablets and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are becoming big topics in the business world, so much so that one enterprise developer reckons that business mobile apps will be the next big thing in 2013.

That same developer, UK-based Mubaloo, held a talk on building business apps recently that included some great advice on what to do when developing and designing these applications. Here's a snapshot of the best tips:

Keep it simple

“Try and achieve a singular objective. Keep it simple and recognize its role in the broader business offering.  A good app should be clear about what it's trying to achieve,” says Gemma Coles, planning [...]

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Rumor: Nintendo’s tablet-friendly Wii U console gaming system will cost $180, sell for $300

April 9, 2012

On Sunday, Forget the Box reported that anonymous sources had divulged fairly specific pricing details regarding the component and construction cost of Nintendo's upcoming next-generation gaming system. 

Named Wii U, the gaming console uses a tablet as the main controller for the system. This tablet allows a full range of controls of the on-screen action, and includes a camera on the tablet as well as a high resolution second-screen display that gamers can take with them. 

Sources close to the production of Wii U have indicated that Nintendo is aggressively attempting to cut the hardware costs in order to rebuild confidence in its [...]

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Mobile shoppers want retailers to ditch cash registers for tablets

March 26, 2012

The final instalment of the Mobile Shopping Survey, a three-part series on smartphone owners’ in-store retail experiences sponsored by AisleBuyer, was unveiled today and unsurprisingly found that 60% of smartphone owners think sales staff would be more useful if they were on the sales floor, rather than being stuck behind a cash register.

The report noted that 57% of respondents think retailers who use tablets and other mobile devices are innovative than those who still only use cash registers, and interestingly found that 41% of these same consumers would rather see retailers replace cash registers with tablets, in order to make room for extra merchandise. The [...]

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The 5 best iPad HD concept videos

March 5, 2012

Like most other media outlets, TabTimes has spent a lot of time reporting on Wednesday's iPad HD announcement. It's an exciting time, and we're closing in on the finish line. 

To honor the wild, slightly frenzied ride we've all watched over the last half year or so, we decided to identify the most interesting, outrageous, and exciting iPad HD concept videos the web has seen. It's worth noting that in almost every case, these are flights of fancy, not reality. 

The only other caveat is that at the time all of these videos were created, everyone was thinking iPad 3, not iPad HD. Regardless, the concepts—most of them quite outrageous and [...]

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