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January 16, 2012

UK government body warns healthcare professionals on tablet security risks

The document recognizes that commercial organizations are increasingly under pressure to adopt tablets, and says that this trend has now spread to the public sector, pushing NHS organizations to follow suit.

However, the body – which part of the UK Department of Health – warns that tablets and smartphones are less secure than more traditional devices, and so recommends that NHS staff use strong encryption and passwords when using the aforementioned mobile devices. The group also stresses that the devices must be set-up to allow for remote wiping if lost, or after a number of failed password attempts, and suggests that GPS is used to track the whereabouts of [...]

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November 16, 2011

Fujitsu adds encryption software to Stylistic Q550

The tablet in question is the Stylistic Q550, a Windows 7-based model which has been combined with Becrypt’s DISK Protect Baseline full disk encryption software to protect information and files saved locally up to ‘Impact Level 3’ (restricted access, top secret).

The software, which is CESG certified, has been modified for use with the Stylistic Q550, and Fujitsu claims that this allows local government, NHS and central government departments to deploy the tablet with confidence.

The combination of Fujitsu hardware with Becrypt software means that sensitive data is protected in the event that the tablet is lost or stolen. The software includes an [...]

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