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Onswipe, which uses HTML5 to deliver tablet-optimized websites, has told TechCrunch that it has seen a spike in traffic from iOS 7 devices in the last few days, especially around Cupertino and San Francisco.

The... firm says that San Francisco accounted for 18.75% of iOS 7 traffic, followed by Cupertino with 17.9%. May 2 was the most popular day for the traffic, which came largely from iPhones (75%) but also from some iPads (25%) t...

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The study shows that 54.5% of all mobile web traffic now comes from the iPad, almost triple that of the iPhone (19.05%), with Apple's tablet also taking a considerable 98.1% stake for tablet web... traffic.

Onswipe also reveals that iPad users have longer web sessions than those with iPhones or other smartphones.

However, if all that data arguably backs up the firm's previous d...

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Three weeks ago, tablet content publisher OnSwipe announced that its newest update would offer a "channel-surfing" type of experience for tablet users. The launch was embodied through numerous... UI updates, improved social sourcing, and improved partnerships with content publishers. 

We decided it was time to check in on CEO and founder Jason Baptiste in order to find out more about t...