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Why phablets are a huge deal in South Korea

On the plus side, phablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Note, combine the features of both types of devices into one product. The latest figures from app services provider Flurry shows phablets have carved out a niche. In a worldwide sample of almost 100,000 iOS and Android devices, Flurry found 7% were phablets. But in South Korea phablets are a very big deal. According to Flurry Analytics' data, 41% of mobile devices in South Korea are phablets.  Overall, Samsung has a 60% market share in South Korea which tends to favor local manufacturers. Flurry said 85% of devices owned in South Korea were manufactured there. Source article
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Twitter unwraps tablet-optimized Android app – Samsung only for now

Twitter for Android Tablets takes advantage of a tablet’s larger screen to display all your tweets, conversations and more in full landscape view. But there is a catch. The app will only be available for Samsung devices at first, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Source article
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Mobelisk ruggedizes, enhances iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and other name brand tablets

Mobelisk takes the ruggedize idea a step farther with a modular case that offers both protection and a number of other features. We first wrote about the Mobelisk MoGo Chimera back in May when the company announced its first modular case for Android tablets. Now Mobelisk offers the MoGo Chimera for a variety of 7- and 8-inch tablets including the iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inches) and Galaxy Note 8.  The MoGo Chimera connects to both ends of the tablet with “end caps” that offer such features as additional I/O or connectivity, magnetic card reader capability, laser bar code scanning, a hot-swappable 2000mAh battery, biometric [...]
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Apple scores patent for integrating NFC

Similar to the S-Beam feature used by some Samsung Galaxy smartphones, according to Apple Insider, which first identified patent No. 8,458,363, the “System and method for simplified data transfer” describes ways to use wireless to sync data between two electronic devices. The patent calls “for the use of NFC components, which have yet to appear in Apple’s product lineup.” Source article
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Connect Assistance hooks up its service techs with 1,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 devices

Founded in 2007, Connect Assistance provides home Internet assistance for French telecom company SFR where technical engineers troubleshoot computer, phone lines, Neufbox Internet-enabled television hardware, peripherals, and associated software. The company boasts 1,200 experts that service the country. While service technicians initially used laptops and smartphones, executives wanted ways to improve efficiency and track home visits as they were happening. Managers also wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork needed in the field including scanning about 40,000 different products installed in a month.   So the company looked at tablet computers as a main tool for [...]
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