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June 13, 2012

CoffeeTable iPad app adds Father’s Day gifts category & contest

The company says its app is unique from other catalog apps in that consumers can make purchases directly in the app via its Express Checkout technology. CoffeeTable includes such retailers as Crate and Barrel, Sears and Lands’ End as well as a number of boutique retailers. 

“About half the catalogs we offer have the Express Checkout feature,” says CoffeeTable’s marketing chief, Peri Kadaster. “If you’re a registered CoffeeTable user, it only takes two taps to order an item.” She adds that CoffeeTable has seen an increase of twice as many purchasers since it added the Express Checkout feature.

Where Express Checkout [...]

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November 19, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook sold for less than $200 in Canada

Best Buy Canada and its sister retail chain FutureShop, as well as Sears and Walmart, are running promotions which feature BlackBerry PlayBook tablets at much lower price points than the suggested retail price. Here are the prices currently advertised for the device:

- 16GB: CA$199 (US$194)

- 32GB: CA$299 (US$291)

- 64GB: CA$399 (US$388)

These promotions started on Wednesday and are supposed to last until November 24 to December 1, depending on the retailers. 

In an e-mailed statement to Toronto-based daily newspaper The Globe and Mail, RIM said that the official retail price of tablet remains unchanged and that "RIM has various [...]

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