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“Several internal sources” supposedly told tech website Neowin that the Surface 2 64GB, the Surface Pro 2 256GB and Surface Pro 2 512MB are all backordered, as well as the Touch Cover and... the Type Cover in purple and black. One other Surface accessory, the new Arc Mouse, is also apparently out of stock.

This is outstanding news for Microsoft, especially as the tablets only went u...

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Elop left Nokia to re-join Microsoft as Executive VP of Devices and Services following Microsoft’s deal to buy the handset business for $7.2 billion.

The former Nokia chief executive... remains the bookies’ favorite to replace Steve Ballmer, who retires in 12 months, with Ballmer himself doing little to pour scorn on the idea in an interview with The Seattle Times.


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Ballmer confirmed the news and said that it is now the “right time” to bid farewell.

"There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time,"... said Ballmer in a statement, reflecting on the company's recent restructuring program. "We have embarked on a new strategy with a new organization and we have an amazing Senior Leadership Team.<...

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A key goal of the update is to appease traditional Windows users, confused by the tile-based interface Microsoft introduced in Windows 8. 

"If I was to put it in coffee terms, 'Why... don't you go and refine the blend here?'. Let's remix the desktop and your modern application experience. Let's balance them better," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, summing up use...

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The Redmond software giant this week posted a job ad for a new designer to join the Surface team on Coroflot’s Job Board, and candidly admitted that work is on-going on new Surface designs.

"Are... you passionate about building cool devices and technologies?," reads the ad.

"The Surface Team focuses on building devices that fully express the Windows vision. We are currently building the next...

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In an interview with CBS This Morning recently, Gates – who stepped away from the firm to concentrate on the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation) – spoke on everything from Windows 8 to the... company’s lack of success in the mobile phone market.

And when asked if he was happy with the performance of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Gates certainly pulled no punches.


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The claim comes from Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott who suggests that Microsoft is hoping to have the Surface RT on retailer shelves "within days".

Such plans would go against Microsoft’s... previous policy of waiting into early 2013 to push the Surface out to its retail partners, although Thurrott says that Steve Ballmer’s company is deciding to “ramp up” that schedule for unknown r...

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Keith Lorizio, the VP of U.S. sales and marketing at Microsoft, told Beet.TV that 100,000 new Windows 8 apps will come to the fore over the next three months, and expects there to be 400 million Windows... 8 hardware device in play by July.

"We’re expecting to aggressively pursue 100,000 plus apps over the first three months and we have a conservative goal of reaching 400 million [Windows...