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Can Apple repeat Samsung’s success with a stylus for iPad?

February 24, 2015
With rumors flying across the Internet about a possible stylus for the iPad, experts wonder if Apple will repeat the success of Samsung or die trying.
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Steve Jobs initially dismissed idea of an iBookstore prior to iPad launch

June 14, 2013

Apple is in court this month answering Department of Justice questions about its involvement in e-book price fixing. The government last year accused Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble along with Macmillan and Penguin Group of artificially raising prices on digital books which can be downloaded to tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet software and services, on Thursday testified in district court in lower Manhattan that he had to convince Jobs to let him pursue an e-bookstore.

Even before the iPad launched, Cue was certain Apple should have a bookstore for its iPhone and Macs, but Jobs believed those products weren't [...]

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U.S. government officials are using super secure iPads

February 11, 2013

The contractor in question is CACI International, an IT provider based in Arlington, Virginia which says that it tweaked the iPads by modifying the hardware, rather than adding any security software.

“It’s a neutered iPad,” said CACI’s chief executive officer Dan Allen in an interview with Bloomberg. “We’re working on how we effectively brand it.”

The CACI CEO declined the opportunity to elaborate on how the firm secures these iPads, but did say that the tablet’s wireless connectivity and camera are the main causes for concern when the tablets are used in a high-risk environment.

The money for the project apparently [...]

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Next big Apple innovation could come from Blue Sky initiative

November 14, 2012

The latest is an initiative called Blue Sky that lets select employees work on projects for a few weeks that are outside their normal responsibilities.

News of the program comes from Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin in a video report.

Blue Sky sounds a bit like the 20% Time program Google has offered far more broadly to its employees for years. At Google, employees are able to work on side projects about twenty percent of the time with their manager’s approval.

According to a report back in 2010, half of Google’s products originated from 20% Time projects.

After Steve Jobs promoted Cook to CEO over a year ago, he started to implement [...]

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Intel throws a Gen Y curve at its Windows 8 tablet event

September 28, 2012

If you’re Intel, you bring in self-described Gen Y expert Lauren Berger to warm up the crowd.

In addition to frequent speaking engagements, Bergen runs a site devoted to helping companies find interns and potential interns find the right companies they want to work at. "All work and no pay," she joked.

As she explained all this, the crowd of skeptical journalists, analysts and others grew uneasy, despite Berger’s bountiful enthusiasm for the topic, wondering what this all had to do with Windows 8 tablets.

Well, here’s the thing. Companies hiring 20-something Gen Y’ers often don’t get what these folks expect [...]

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Apple has sold 84 million iPads; almost all Fortune 500 companies are deploying/testing the tablet

September 13, 2012

Prior to introducing the latest iPhone, Cook took to the stage to claim that his firm has sold a mega 84 million iPads to date, giving the Cupertino giant a market share of 68%. Steve Jobs’ successor added that the iPad had a tablet market share of 62% at this point last year.

Cook said that 94% of Fortune 500 companies are either testing or deploying iPads, and went onto reveal that the Mac giant sold 17 million iPads between April and June – which is supposedly more than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC range.

Here’s a round-up of some of the other stats revealed at the iPhone 5 event:

The iPad is responsible for 91% of tablet web [...]
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iPad Mini photos appear, as court reveals Steve Jobs did like the 7-inch tablet

August 6, 2012

Chinese website Sina Weibo showed off a number of murky images of the purported iPad Mini, with these images seeming to reveal that the tablet will not feature a rear-facing camera.

Apple is expected to announce the 7.85-inch iPad Mini alongside the iPhone 5 on September 12, with a view to launching both on the market nine days later.

The late Steve Jobs was famously dismissive of 7-inch tablets, but new evidence at the Apple-Samsung trial suggests that the former Apple CEO may have been keener on the size than he ever let on.

Speaking at the trial in San Jose, Apple executive Eddie Cue said that email exchanges on the matter showed that Jobs seemed “very [...]

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First Look: HAND Stylus

June 1, 2012

The search for the perfect iPad stylus is a difficult one. Of course, Steve Jobs famously discounted the need for a stylus at all. But that hasn't stopped Apple from hedging their bets—they've patented their own stylus concept, with a pressure-sensitive tip. We recently picked a favorite stylus from a wide range of options. But a new Kickstarter project caught our eye, offering a sturdy aluminum stylus with a thin retractable tip, and we couldn't wait to give it a try.

The first thing about the HAND Stylus to make us take notice was the anodized aluminum body. It's available in five eye-catching shades, each available in a shiny or matte finish. [...]

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Tim Cook’s secret plan

May 31, 2012

His predecessor, the far more reclusive Steve Jobs, also made an appearance at the same D conference, the now famous on-stage interview alongside Bill Gates back in 2007. 

But there are signs Cook will be more public and accessible. He spoke earlier this year, for example, at an investor’s conference, something Jobs would have loathed. He also will undoubtedly take the stage at next month’s WWDC Apple developer’s conference, the kind of Apple-controlled venue favored by Jobs. 

If Cook gets out more than Jobs did in more public venues (like his surprise visit to the Foxconn plant) that will be a plus for Apple users and the industry hoping for [...]

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Study: Apple Stores are 17 times more profitable than your average retailer

April 20, 2012

The company tops the list for the top 20 US retailers in terms of sales per square foot, and holds a considerable lead over Tiffany & Co and Coach, in second and third place respectively. Other notable entries on the list are GameStop at number five, Polo Ralph Lauren at number eight, and Best Buy, which sits at number ten.

RetailSales found the median sales per square foot on a yearly basis to be $787 among the top twenty retailers, but said that Apple is more than twice as efficient as high-end Tiffany & Co, netting a staggering $6,000 per square foot over the year (physical sales only).

Pushed forward by Steve Jobs' return as CEO in 1997 and the [...]

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