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The Apple Park building still has some work to be done before April opening

The latest drone video of the upcoming Apple Park building and campus shows it still has some work to finish before the first employees enter in April.
avatarby John Callaham2 weeks ago0 comments

Take a look at Apple’s new Apple Park HQ from above

We have seen plenty of images and drone videos with Apple Park as the main subject, but none of them really beat the quality of the photos we are taking a look at today.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes2 weeks ago0 comments

Apple’s spaceship campus will open in April as Apple Park

Apple will officially open its "spaceship" campus sometime in April in Cupertino, California. The 175-acre campus will be called Apple Park.
avatarby John CallahamFebruary 22, 20170 comments

Can Apple repeat Samsung’s success with a stylus for iPad?

With rumors flying across the Internet about a possible stylus for the iPad, experts wonder if Apple will repeat the success of Samsung or die trying.
avatarby Wendyann LewisFebruary 24, 20150 comments

Steve Jobs initially dismissed idea of an iBookstore prior to iPad launch

Apple is in court this month answering Department of Justice questions about its involvement in e-book price fixing. The government last year accused Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble along with Macmillan and Penguin Group of artificially raising prices on digital books which can be downloaded to tablets, smartphones and PCs. Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet software and services, on Thursday testified in district court in lower Manhattan that he had to convince Jobs to let him pursue an e-bookstore. Even before the iPad launched, Cue was certain Apple should have a bookstore for its iPhone and Macs, but Jobs believed those products weren't [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJune 14, 20130 comments

U.S. government officials are using super secure iPads

The contractor in question is CACI International, an IT provider based in Arlington, Virginia which says that it tweaked the iPads by modifying the hardware, rather than adding any security software. “It’s a neutered iPad,” said CACI’s chief executive officer Dan Allen in an interview with Bloomberg. “We’re working on how we effectively brand it.” The CACI CEO declined the opportunity to elaborate on how the firm secures these iPads, but did say that the tablet’s wireless connectivity and camera are the main causes for concern when the tablets are used in a high-risk environment. The money for the project apparently [...]
avatarby Tab TimesFebruary 11, 20130 comments

Next big Apple innovation could come from Blue Sky initiative

The latest is an initiative called Blue Sky that lets select employees work on projects for a few weeks that are outside their normal responsibilities. News of the program comes from Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin in a video report. Blue Sky sounds a bit like the 20% Time program Google has offered far more broadly to its employees for years. At Google, employees are able to work on side projects about twenty percent of the time with their manager’s approval. According to a report back in 2010, half of Google’s products originated from 20% Time projects. After Steve Jobs promoted Cook to CEO over a year ago, he started to implement [...]
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 14, 20120 comments
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