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To overcome these complexities, Howard Treisman, chief technology officer at Avoka Technologies, has authored a free whitepaper that discusses 16 best practices to executing a successful mobile engagement... and data collection strategy.

Among these 16, here are the first 5 best practices from the report, with a sampling of the recommendations:

Buy vs Build: Keep in mind that data collection can...

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That's the conclusion of a new report by eMarketer that notes tablet users are rarely "off-the-grid."

"While that makes them highly accessible to marketers, tablet users are... a slippery bunch that frequently shifts attention from one device to another,” says eMarketer.

The research firm estimates that over 73 million tablet users—57% of the U.S. tablet-us...

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While mobile apps do make money for developers and publishers, simply copying the success of companies like Rovio, King, or Bottle Rocket is not efficient, according to app developers like Arfan Chaudhry... of Tapgage.

“Many developers stick to one monetization strategy, which is not the way to go,” Chaudhry said. “One monetization strategy may work on one app but its not guaranteed t...

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“We will design, create and deliver through us and through third parties a complete family of Windows-powered devices,” Ballmer said. “Our family will include a full spectrum of both... partner and first-party devices. Our family will include phones, tablets, PCs, 2-in-1s, TV-attached devices and other devices to be imagined and developed.”

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With negative filtering, you can screen searches based on what you don’t want to see rather than sift thru a bunch of options. You might know, for example, you want new shoes, but not brown ones.

Zappos... head of mobile, Aki Iida, told TechCrunch that negative filtering was one of the most requested features users have been asking for.

Figuring out tablets

While recognizing the limitations of small-screen smar...

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"We estimate that less than 5% of global firms currently have an official and centralized internal competency centre for mobile," said Nicholas McQuire, VP of Mobile Enterprise Strategies... at research firm IDC.

"While many have different degrees of commitment and intent around mobility, a strategic view on the technology is already taking hold in many firms. Therefore, the...

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As top talent goes elsewhere, traditional offshoring becomes obsolete, customers demand lower operating costs, and upstarts continue to disrupt the industry, companies are feeling increased pressure... everywhere – from the boardroom to the plant floor. Where is the competitive advantage? In my opinion, it's tablets.

The fact that Gartner predicts 33% growth in mobility in manufactu...

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“We’re calling this [the tablet] the new personal computer for a number of reasons. They are highly personable, ultra-portable and being used in contexts never seen before,” said Bajarin.

In... his presentation at the recent TabletBiz conference in New York, Bajarin added that desktops and notebooks have over-served the average consumer for "quite some time," but surprisingly paid homage to the net...

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We’ve already seen game software and other developers take advantage of in-app purchasing. What’s next?

At the recent TabletBiz conference, Ravi Bhatt, the CEO of Branchfire (publishers... of iAnnotate), said he expects more app developers to start switching to a subscription model that will shakeup the traditional relationship between the customer and publisher.

Find out why he thi...

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Speaking at the recent TabletBiz conference in New York, Louis, founder of Keepskor, said “HTML5 is great on paper and has a lot of potential — in the future.”

What’s... missing? What has to happen to improve HTML5? Why are native apps better today? Check out this video clip below from the TabletBiz conference to hear more.

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