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February 26, 2015

Microsoft will offer RT users some Windows 10 OS features

The release of Windows 10 for mobile has made some RT users worried. Would they be left behind? Will they be updated to the new OS, or perhaps something in between?
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December 6, 2014

6 essential accessories for Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2

If you are only going to buy one accessories for your Surface tablet then without a doubt we recommend the Surface Type Cover 2. What you get is a durable, light slim case that has a built in keyboard that turns your Surface into more like a laptop. You can work day or night with ease thanks to the backlit keyboard that makes typing in the dark easy on the eyes.

The case is compatible with: Surface, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2. Available in 4 colors: Black, charcoal, purple, magenta.

Best Surface Pro 3 cases

Buy From Amazon $120 InvisibleShield High Definition for Microsoft Surface Tablets

It’s all very well having a case [...]

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October 11, 2013

Best Buy will pay out up to $350 if you trade in your old Surface tablet

Following on from a similar deal for Apple iPads, the retailer says that Surface owners will get a Best Buy gift card worth at least $200 when they trade in a working Surface tablet in-store.

To be eligible for the offer, the Surface tablet must be able to power up, be free of any water or liquid damage, and have a screen that isn’t cracked. The promotion is due to run until October 21, one day before Microsoft launches the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

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October 4, 2013

Microsoft’s new Surface tablets may already be in short supply

Both tablets go on sale starting October 22. The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 "are close to selling out," Microsoft's developers account tweeted earlier today.

But it's not clear how many Surface tablets were actually pre-ordered and whether in fact there could be a supply issue come the official release date.

An under-supply would be ironic in light of Microsoft having to earlier take a $900 million write-off for unsold Surface RT tablets, a model being replaced by the Surface 2 running the new Windows 8.1 operating system.

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October 1, 2013

Microsoft veep hints at Surface Mini tablet

Panay was demonstrating the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets with Windows hardware scientist Stevie Bathiche at the Microsoft store in Seattle’s University Village on Monday, when he appeared to confirm the possibility of a Surface Mini.  

“We have a lot of great things that we are thinking about and working on, and there are multiple aspect ratios and sizes and awesome things to come from Surface,” said Panay. His comments were first reported by GeekWire.

The Surface vice president also reiterated that a LTE-enabled version of the Surface 2 will be coming early next year but made it clear that this option won’t be available with the [...]

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September 30, 2013

eBay could be the best place to sell a used Surface tablet

Ironically, Microsoft has been promoting a trade-in program that offers cash for used tablets, just not those made by Microsoft. 

eBay told Computerworld that the average selling price of a first-generation 32GB Surface RT tablet is currently $285, almost half the $499 many buyers paid when the Surface RT was released a year ago, but much closer to what Microsoft sells it for now ($349).

The 128GB Surface Pro tablet, which unlike RT tablets, runs the full-fledged version of Windows 8, sells for an average $741 on eBay. The Surface Pro currently has a list prices of $899, a hundred dollars less the original $999 price.

The new Surface 2 tablets are set [...]

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September 20, 2013

Key features likely to be announced at Microsoft’s Surface 2 launch

Peripherals promise to be a key part of the offering. Sources say Microsoft will show a new Surface docking station that will work with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 models only and include one USB 3 and three USB 2 ports. 

Also said to be on tap is a Surface Power Cover, a thicker version of the current Surface Type cover/keyboard. This cover will include a built-in battery that will extend the battery life of Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices by some (still unknown) amount. 

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September 4, 2013

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 will sport an adjustable kickstand, more battery life

The design is expected to be largely the same as the original with the addition of an adjustable kickstand that will include the standard “laptop mode” and a new angle designed for use on uneven surfaces. 

Surface Pro 2 should also be faster as it will powered by Intel’s new Haswell processor. And in addition to longer battery life, some models will available with 8GB of RAM on board. 

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August 30, 2013

That limited time $100 discount on Surface Pro is now permanent, plus other discounts

The new prices break out as follows: 

Touch Cover reduced to $79.99 from $119.99 Limited Edition Touch Cover reduced to $89.99 from $129.99 Surface RT with Touch Cover bundle now starts at $399.99 for 32GB, all bundles get $50 reduction Surface Pro now starts at $799.99 for 64GB, and all models get $100 reduction.

Microsoft plans to release a significant update, Windows 8.1, in October and may also release new versions of its Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets in time for the holiday shopping season. 

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August 23, 2013

Microsoft to reduce Touch Cover for Surface tablets to $80

Unnamed sources told Windows Phone Central that the new price will come into effect from August 30 and said that the price would be the same across the five different color Touch Covers (red, cyan, white, black and magenta).

However, sources suggested that Microsoft is not planning to discount the $129.99 limited edition Touch Covers or the $129.99 Type Cover accessory.

Microsoft has been making a lot of cuts with the Surface tablet family recently. The Redmond software giant reduced the price of the Surface RT tablet by $150 back in July and has since shaved $100 off the Intel-powered Surface Pro (although this offer only runs until August 29).

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