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7-inch Android tablets, are there any good ones left?
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tips and tricks
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Best Surface Pro 3 Accessories

March 4, 2016
We take a look at some of the best Surface accessories available for your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet.
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Microsoft says Surface tablets brought in $400M in last quarter

October 25, 2013

While that hardly makes up for the $900 million write off the software giant had to take in back in July for unsold Surface RT tablets it does show its Surface line is at least now generating significant revenue. 

Microsoft says that it sold “more than double” the Surface units it sold in the prior quarter. During its earnings call today, Microsoft also noted that the 32 GB Surface RT sold best among retail and education customers.

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That limited time $100 discount on Surface Pro is now permanent, plus other discounts

August 30, 2013

The new prices break out as follows: 

Touch Cover reduced to $79.99 from $119.99 Limited Edition Touch Cover reduced to $89.99 from $129.99 Surface RT with Touch Cover bundle now starts at $399.99 for 32GB, all bundles get $50 reduction Surface Pro now starts at $799.99 for 64GB, and all models get $100 reduction.

Microsoft plans to release a significant update, Windows 8.1, in October and may also release new versions of its Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets in time for the holiday shopping season. 

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Class action suit calls Surface RT an ‘unmitigated disaster’

August 13, 2013

The suit, filed by Robbins, Geller, Rudman, & Dowd in Massachusetts district court, accuses Microsoft of materially misrepresenting the true financial effect that Surface RT has had on its business by failing to alert shareholders to the excess Surface inventory it had amassed by the end of its March quarter.

After the quarter, Microsoft said it was taking a $900 million write down on unsold Surface RT tablets.

“What Defendants knew, but failed to disclose to investors, however, was that Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market was an unmitigated disaster, which left it with a large accumulation of excess, over-valued Surface RT inventory,” the [...]

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The big clear-out? Microsoft set to discount Surface RT tablets by $150

July 12, 2013

Citing sources “familiar with Microsoft’s Surface plans”, The Verge reports the price cuts could come into effect as early as next week and say that each model will be discounted by $150.

This will see the 32GB and 64GB Surface RT tablets fall to $349.99 and $449.99 respectively, although adding a Touch Cover to either model will push both prices up by $100.

Staples has since confirmed the deals and has released its weekly promotional ads, which reveal that the cuts come into effect on Sunday July 14.

Microsoft has occasionally offered free Touch and Type Covers in the past, but this marks the first time the company has discounted the [...]

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Surface RT now comes with a free keyboard cover

May 31, 2013

As part of a promotional offer through the end of June, Microsoft is offering buyers of its Surface RT tablet a free keyboard cover.

Buyers can choose between the Touch Cover or Type Cover in a variety of colors.

The Touch Cover and Type Cover normally sell separately for $119 and $129 respectively. 

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Nokia exec hints at future tablet plans

May 15, 2013

Speaking at the unveiling of its Lumia 925 smartphone yesterday, a senior Nokia executive suggested that tablets are a regular topic of conversation at the firm.

“We're very interested in tablets and that's an area we're looking at,” Jo Harlow, Nokia’s executive VP for smart devices, told CNET. The exec added that she didn’t have any product news “I can share”, which doesn’t necessarily mean things are not going on behind the scenes.

There has been a number of Nokia tablet rumors since the start of the year, with the most reliable report claiming that the firm made a 10-inch Windows RT tablet prior to the launch [...]

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is almost impossible to fix

February 13, 2013

iFixit recently took the Surface Pro to pieces and while they discovered the model was easier to repair than the Surface RT they reported difficulties when it came to removing the SSD, the display assembly as well as other difficulties with screws, adhesive and interfering cables.

Scoring a poor 1 out of 10 for reparability (10 being the best score and easiest to repair), testers begun by trying to see what’s under the Surface Pro screen only to quickly encounter a “metric duckload of adhesive holding the screen in place”. This problem eventually turned to a heat gun and guitar picks to open it up.

There were more problems to follow. iFixit discovered [...]

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Pre-order wait for $499 Microsoft Surface tablet now up to three weeks

October 17, 2012

The Microsoft Store website confirms that the waiting time for the 32GB Surface RT tablet (running the ARM-powered Windows RT, but coming without a Touch Cover) now stands at “within 3 weeks”, although both the 32GB Surface ($599) and 64GB Surface ($699) with black Touch Cover accessories remain available.

Microsoft will launch the Surface family at midnight on October 26, and some of the models are expected to appear at Microsoft’s ‘pop up’ holiday stores.

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TabTimes Monthly – May 2016 – iPad Pro 9.7 international giveaway

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