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Apple macOS Sierra: Everything you need to know
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TabTimes Monthly – June 2016 – iPad mini 4 international giveaway
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Best Android tablets
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iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4 – Flagships from different worlds
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Best 10 inch tablets – Android, iOS and Windows
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Best Card Games for Android Tablets

June 16, 2016
There is more than just solitaire when it comes to card games for Android tablets, check these tablet games for a little solo gameplay.
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How to use Find My iPad when you’ve lost your iPad

April 8, 2016
Apple has a tool to help you recover a misplaced iPad, or iPhone for that matter, follow along to see how to use Find my iPad.
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Turn your iPad into a second monitor for free

March 29, 2016
Need to get more out of your iPad? Why not use it as a second monitor to your PC. Check out these free apps, and a paid one too.
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Happy Holidays from TabTimes

December 25, 2015
Here at TabTimes today, we just wanted to wish you all the best for this holiday season!
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TabTimes Monthly – October 2015 – iPad Mini 4 international giveaway

October 1, 2015
Welcome to our TabTimes Monthly for October, 2015. September was a big month for Apple and Google. Enter our giveaway to win a new iPad Mini 4.
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TabTimes Monthly – September 2015 – Nexus 9 international giveaway

September 1, 2015
Welcome to the first TabTimes Monthly, and our first giveaway! Check out the big news makers were in the last month and enter win a new Apple iPad Mini 3!
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4 best iPad apps to manage your photo collection

December 14, 2013

There are so many, in fact, that not all have been able to successfully stay in business, as evidenced by the recent shutdown of the popular photo app Everpix.

To master mobile photo management, explore these high-quality, longstanding choices which should be around for a very long time.


Dropbox has seriously stepped up its game in the photo space. Installing the app the first time will prompt you to automatically backup your photos. It will import any existing images taken as well as future photos for those times when taking pictures with your iPad is the best, if not awkward, option.

A photo album feature exists inside Dropbox where users can create [...]

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7 best reasons to use HTML5 for future business apps development

December 10, 2013
It’s multi-platform

The beauty of web apps is that they can work across numerous operating systems, regardless of whether they're powering a smartphone, tablet or laptop. What this essentially means is that one colleague/customer could be using the app on an iPad, while another checks it out on an Android smartphone (note: this is however providing that both platforms support all the APIs used in your app).

So, what are the advantages of doing so? Besides saving on costly app development (more on that below), it means your app is more likely to support some of the newer devices to come to market, even if they sport a different screen size, resolution and aspect [...]

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4 best FaceTime alternatives for the iPad

December 9, 2013

When looking to connect through video calls, look to these staple apps as essentials to have on your iPad.


The fact that Skype is used as a verb speaks to its pervasiveness in the video calling space.  Microsoft has been effective at ensuring it is on all major platforms: iOS, Android, and of course its Windows devices.

Skype is especially well done on the iPad, offering easy access to starting and receiving video conversations as well as instant messages. The most recent update gave it a fresher coat of polish that blends well with iOS 7.

Google+ Hangouts

One of the most successful elements of Google's social network had been its Hangouts [...]

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Flipboard arrives on Windows 8.1 with Live Tile support

November 15, 2013

The Windows 8.1 application is now live in the Windows Store and will work on both Windows 8 and RT machines.

As with the firm’s iOS and Android apps, readers will find that the conventional controls remain in place. They can still flip through magazines (both curated and those created by other Flipboard users), subscribe and add content to magazines.

That’s where the familiarity ends however as the new app has been slightly tweaked to suit Windows 8. For example, users now need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display action icons like Subscribe, Refresh, Edit and Flip It, while swiping down presents recommended users to follow and magazines [...]

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TabTimes Monthly – June 2016 – iPad mini 4 international giveaway

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