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Panasonic’s giant Touchpad 4K tablet heads to the US but at a wallet-busting price

TabTimes got the chance to go hands-on with the Toughpad 4K UT-MB4, the world’s first 20-inch 4K tablet, at IFA and we were impressed with the staggering 3840 x 2560 IPS display, the powerful Intel Core i5 vPro processor, the ample 256GB of storage and the super precise (but optional) stylus pen. The good news is that the tablet is finally heading over to U.S. shores and is expected to launch in January 2014. The bad news is that the model starts at $5,999, so expect customers to continue to be big brands like Prada, Ferrari and Lamborghini as they look to jazz up their showrooms. Source article
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Why Microsoft thinks Surface will catch on with a new wave of corporate buyers.

After all, we've seen this movie before – HP Touchpad anyone? But in the case of the ARM-based Surface, Microsoft keeps insisting it's in it for the long haul. And while tablets are old hat to readers of TabTimes, a lot of companies haven't done any large scale tablet deployments yet, and Microsoft thinks they'll be looking to the ARM-based Surface RT (old) or Surface 2 (new) as their first line-of-business tablet. Microsoft touted the inclusion of a special version of Office with the Surface RT, but the fact that it couldn't run any other legacy Windows apps hurt it. Now Microsoft is pushing other advantages. For example, [...]
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HP has ‘multi-year’ roadmap for consumer and enterprise tablets

Speaking to The Australian Financial Review recently, chief operating officer (COO) Veghte said that HP has an 18-month roadmap for consumer and enterprise tablets, including the recently-announced ElitePad 900 and Slate 7 models. “In the tablet space, we are serious about this, we’re not messing around with it,” said Veghte. “Is it an entry? Yes. Have we got a multi-year strategy around the hypothesis? Absolutely.” The HP COO went onto suggest that the Palo Alto firm designed the ElitePad 900 with the consumer in mind, or at least with the idea that the Windows 8 model needed to be stylish enough to fight off models brought in to work on a [...]
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HP will make a high-end Android tablet but may have gone cold on Windows 8

Two anonymous sources with close connections to Meg Whitman’s company told ReadWrite that HP will build Android tablets and possibly even an Android smartphone going forward, news which was also confirmed by The Verge.    The first of these tablets has supposedly been in the works since Thanksgiving of last year and will feature Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chip. Further product details are however “still up in the air”. HP declined to comment on the speculation. This news will come as a surprise to many in the consumer electronics industry, not least given previous comments from Whitman and HP’s mixed record when it comes to experimenting [...]
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AT&T has exclusive on Asus VivoTab RT Windows 8 tablet with 4G & other extras for $499.99

AT&T and Asus announced the new Asus VivoTab RT is being offered at AT&T stores with a promo price of $499.99 that, as part of a limited-time holiday promotion, includes several extra features. For one, the VivoTab RT includes a Mobile Dock with keyboard and additional battery. The VivoTab RT is also a 4G LTE capable, offering a higher speed, connect anywhere option beyond Wi-Fi. AT&T says the VivoTab is the first RT tablet to offer LTE connectivity; Surface, for now at least, is Wi-Fi only. And like other Windows RT tablets, the VivoTab RT includes Microsoft Office. At 0.33 inches and a weight of 1.18lbs, the VivoTab RT is one of the lightest, [...]
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