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The best ergonomic keyboards to improve your typing

Using a keyboard made to be more ergonomic can offer a lot of benefits allowing for a better experience with less strain and faster typing. Here are our favorites.
avatarby Alex Mullis5 days ago0 comments

Best USB 3.0 flash drives

You can't be waiting around all the time, so we have put together a list of our very favorite USB 3.0 flash drives. Shall we dig right in?
avatarby Edgar Cervantes1 week ago0 comments

Best car charger – powering your Android tablet, iPad, iPhone and more on the road

Powering our mobile devices is becoming more popular on the road, here are our best USB car chargers for iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and more.
avatarby Jonathan Feist3 weeks ago0 comments

The best surge protector to protect your electronics

It is always a good idea to use a surge protector to protect yourself from the unknown. Here we detail the best surge protector for your needs.
avatarby Alex MullisSeptember 25, 20161 comments

iPad USB adapters – all you need to know

We want to show you a few of the best USB chargers for your iPad - join us as we discuss how batteries and chargers work on your mobile devices, then see a few recommendations for USB chargers.
avatarby Nick Jonathan GandioncoSeptember 5, 20160 comments

Asus introduces new ZenScreen portable 15-inch monitor

Shown of today at IFA 2016 in Berlin, the ZenScreen MB16AC is just what you might need to enhance your productivity on the go.
avatarby Dan BartramAugust 31, 20160 comments

iPad not charging? Here are some tips to help fix it

If your iPad is not charging, don't panic, we've got a list of troubleshooting tips to get you back in service. Sometimes it is more than just a loose cable, but sometimes it is just a loose cable, check that first.
avatarby Nick Jonathan GandioncoApril 14, 20160 comments
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