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You see everything from a grandmother with a tablet to a teenage boy holding a smartphone. Both enjoying some leisurely reading or game playing to occupy them while waiting for a flight.

I can... imagine the same travelers, but in a busy hotel lobby. Or even myself…waiting in a long line to check in. I see the manager feeling frantic. He reaches for his smartphone to contact all appropri...

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The new case is called the MoGo Chimera and is essentially a modular case which can fit around an off-the-shelf Android tablet to offer greater enterprise features and a tougher exterior.

Mobelisk... showed the new case to PCMag at CTIA today and told the technology magazine that the MoGo Chimera can support ports, card readers, barcode scanners, payment systems and an embedded thermal printer.


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WiFi-only tablets have been ‘good enough’ for most consumers and business buyers who couldn’t justify the extra expense of buying a higher-priced model and monthly fees similar to... what they’re already paying for their smartphone. For example, the latest WiFi-only 16GB iPad is $499, but the same model with cellular included is $629.

But Strategy Analytics says new...

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Available for Android smartphones running Android 2.1 or higher, Verizon Mobile Security combines security capabilities of Asurion and McAfee.  

Among other features, the app gives... users the ability to remotely locate, alarm, lock and wipe data from a misplaced or lost Android device.

Verizon Wireless is offering three options starting with a free set of basic security f...

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According to an internal document published by Engadget, AT&T has stopped offering subsidized pricing of tablets when bought on a two-year data contract, but will continue to offer tablets at standard... prices, along with its DataConnect and MobileShare plans.

“Customers purchasing a tablet after August 19, 2012, no longer has a two-year pricing option,” reads the document. “The on...

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A new report by Strategy Analytics says the mobile broadband market will add 150 million new data subscriptions in the next five years for a total of 172 million worldwide by 2017.

This should... all come as good news to developers working on cloud-based applications and services that depend on fast connectivity.

Average data traffic per subscription will grow substantially as use of vid...

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In fact there are a couple of gotcha’s in the GoPago LIVE system, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good deal for merchants. 

The so-called Payment as a Service (PaaS) system... is “free” for merchants, but GoPago takes a 2.85% cut of each transaction. Also, customers have to use the tablet and GoPago app to pay for their purchase. That fee covers both GoPago’s c...

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Verizon’s plans will include shareable data, unlimited phone calls and unlimited text messages, and will allow for these features to be shared among up to ten Verizon Wireless devices. The packages... will launch on June 28.

The sad fact is that these family plans are well over-priced at this point. Data costs an astounding $50 for 1GB (to be shared among devices), and goes up to $60 for 2GB, $70...

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Current iPad 2 suppliers, carriers Verizon Wireless and AT&T, are on tap to offer a 4G LTE version of the iPad, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Earlier reports suggest Apple is... gearing up to unveil the new device March 7 in San Francisco. 

Sprint Nextel also now offers the iPad in the U.S. but the Journal said it couldn’t confirm whether other ca...