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July 3, 2013

Givit for iPad update brings more social features to the video editing app

The update includes an expanded screen view, hashtag tracking, and improved friend feeds. Because people tend to shoot and edit more on their phones, social is a better bet for iPad use, which stands at 21% of total Givit activity.

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September 12, 2012

Intel reckons Atom-powered Windows 8 tablets will be a big hit in enterprise

Speaking during the open keynote at IDF, Intel chief product officer David Perlmutter said that the chipmaker expects to have more than 20 enterprise-ready tablets based on its Atom chipset.

Perlmutter was particularly eager to show how working professionals will be able to use these tablets, and carried out one demo of how doctors could utilize a Windows 8 tablet to show pregnant women ultrasound scans.

After safely negotiating the demo, the Intel exec demonstrated how Asus’ Windows 8 Vivo tablet (also based on the Atom chipset) can be used for touch-based video editing, before unveiling “Haswell”; the low-power, fourth generation of Intel's Core [...]

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