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How to use FaceTime on iPad

From the beginning of mobile phones, the purpose of all of technology has been one thing: communication. This purpose remains true today, but perhaps in different forms, including the addition of chat and email messaging over top of SMS, and video calls in place of audio only conversation. The aptly named FaceTime does just this, providing video calls on your Apple devices over both a Wi-Fi and a Cellular connection, but how do you use it and what can it do? Let’s find out! Here is how to use FaceTime on iPad While the instructions to use similar services like Skype or Hangouts would vary somewhat from platform to platform, FaceTime benefits from only operating [...]
avatarby Jonathan FeistSeptember 27, 20160 comments

Apple’s iPhone 7 event in 107 seconds – all the good bits

This 107 second video sums up the entire Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus announcement event on September 7th, 2016. Information overload incoming - hope you can read fast.
avatarby Jonathan FeistSeptember 8, 20160 comments

Best YouTube Alternative Apps for iPad

Youtube is the go-to video streaming app for most people, but if it's not for you, and you're looking for YouTube Alternative Apps, check out our list here!
avatarby A.J. HartlessAugust 16, 20160 comments

iPad Air flunks torture test – screen cracks after short drop on dirt mound (video)

A video shows the iPad Air dropped from about five feet face down into a mound of dirt that, admittedly seems to have a lot of little rocks in it, but the results are disastrous, the iPad Air's screen is completely destroyed. The iPad Air is also dropped onto concrete, immersed in water and, in a danger few are likely to face, blown apart by an AirSoft M7 air gun.  If you bought an iPad Air without insurance or Apple's AppleCare+, that might be something to reconsider.  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 8, 20130 comments

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 gets more juice – software update gives tablet 25% more battery life

In testing done by Anandtech, the Surface Pro 2 ran over 8 hours while browsing the web over Wi-Fi. That's a jump up from 6.6 hours before the latest software update was released. The improvement also means you can play video over Wi-Fi 16% longer to 7.75 hours from 6.65 pre-update. But the Surface Pro 2 still trails the competition by a bit, scoring 8.330 versus 9.480 for the iPad Air and 12.230 for the latest Google Nexus model.  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 4, 20130 comments

Microsoft details how it made the new Surface 2 tablets (video)

Groene, who’s official title is director of design on the Surface team, tackles everything from how design and engineering work meshed together to what fabric is being used on the Type Cover 2. “We don’t design it first, and then engineer it,” said Groene in the video. “We design and engineer it always together.” (Worth reading: Microsoft explains how it improved the Surface tablets in new video & Microsoft's new Surface 2 tablet is a big leap forward but is it enough?)
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 31, 20130 comments

Lenovo’s new Yoga tablets set a new high for tablet battery life

The Yoga tablets, available in 8-inch and 10.1-inch models, will provide 12 to 14 hours when watching high-definition video, said Lenovo rep Stephen Miller. The tablets can run much longer if the screen is set to lower brightness or if used for less demanding tasks than video.  Other tablets typically run as long as 11 hours under the best conditions.  The 8-inch Yoga is priced at $249, while the 10.1-inch model is $299.   Source article
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 30, 20130 comments
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