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Pokemon Go coming to the Apple Watch

Apple just announced Pokemon Go is coming to their popular wearable. What can it do? Click through to find out!
avatarby Edgar Cervantes3 weeks ago0 comments

Samsung launches iOS beta program for the Gear S2 and Fit 2

Samsung has just launched its 'Gear iOS Beta program', which finally brings iOS support to both the Gear S2 and the Gear Fit 2.
avatarby Robert TriggsAugust 25, 20160 comments

Google’s latest – a skin tattoo that acts as a microphone for your smartphone or tablet

A recent patent application shows the search giant may be ready to take the wearable technology concept a big step further. Google is developing an electronic skin tattoo for the throat that can act as a microphone for a smartphone, tablet or other device. The patent by Google's Motorola Mobility unit shows the idea of putting a microphone on a person's throat via an electronic skin tattoo. The tattoo would communicate over Near-Field Communications, Bluetooth, Infrared or other short-range technology to a nearby smartphone, tablet, wearable computer, gaming device or other mobile computer. Source article
avatarby Tab TimesNovember 12, 20130 comments

How the tablets of the future will reach out and touch us

Consumer electronics design has been on a trajectory of smaller, thinner, lighter, more responsive, and more intuitive for decades. From tablets to smartphones and the entire category of wearable computing, we’re beginning to see devices move into paper-thin territory – resulting from the capabilities, size and scalability of device components. So what’s next? Advanced haptic components create multimodal sensations from inside keyboards and wearables to transform the way tablets and devices are designed and used. As an inventor, futurist and entrepreneur, I could not be more excited about what’s next. The idea of a neo-sensory age of computing is [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 17, 20130 comments

Why the already hot market for fitness apps is set to get even hotter

But research firm IHS says we’re only at the beginning of a market set to explode. The company predicts mobile apps used for sports and fitness activities will grow a whopping 63% from 2012 to 2017 with added potential to generate strong demand for wearable health devices such as heart-rate monitors (HRMs). In total, IHS expects installations of sports and fitness apps will grow to 248 million in 2017 – that’s up from 156 million in 2012. That all translates to a lot of paid and free apps being downloaded as well as device purchases. “Sports and fitness apps have become an integral part in the daily lives of millions of mobile users, [...]
avatarby Tab TimesJuly 11, 20130 comments

Why tablet marketing is totally different than mobile marketing

The primary reason marketers need to consider a specific tablet strategy is that smartphones are far more mobile, can’t-leave-home-without-it, devices. Tablets? Actually, almost the reverse; they’re far more commonly used in the home by consumers. “Tablet marketing enables marketers to engage with influential customers who spend less time on PCs and print media,” says Forrester analyst Thomas Husson, who recently blogged about research he did over the past few months on the topic. “People use tablets differently from smartphones, requiring marketers to adapt their approach.” Husson says marketers will see better payback if they [...]
avatarby Tab TimesMay 23, 20130 comments
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