TCO Development to certify how green your tablet is

October 31, 2011

TCO Development is the group behind the third-party TCO Certified label for certifying IT products, including desktops, notebooks, All-in-One (AIO) PCs, displays and projectors.

The group’s latest program is entitled TCO Certified Tablets and offers IT buyers a way of easily identifying tablets that will help them meet sustainability demands, while not compromising the user experience or tablet performance.

The launch of the new program coincides with the announcement that the Samsung Slate PC Series 7 is the first tablet to meet the label’s criteria for environmental design, ergonomics and social responsibility.

“The tablet is rapidly becoming part of our personal and business PC environment”, said Sören Enholm, CEO of TCO Development.

“Expanding TCO Certified to include tablets is a natural step, considering our almost 20 years of experience certifying PCs and displays.

“As users, we should demand that all our IT products feature good image performance, environmental design and that they are manufactured under socially responsible conditions. This is the assurance that a TCO Certified tablet delivers to the user”.

Criteria for TCO Certified Tablets covers a variety of requirements, including minimal use of hazardous materials, energy efficiency, visual and workload ergonomics, design for recycling as well as corporate social responsibility in the production phase.

TCO Development announced the news in a press release and said that the number of tablet users will grow from 10.3 million consumers in 2010 to 208 million users by 2014.

The group added that the number of professional users will also rise in 2011, with almost 25% of tablet purchases for business use, almost double the figure of 2010.


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