Tech reviewers say Nokia’s Lumia 2520 beats Microsoft’s Surface 2 on design

November 21, 2013

“Yep, the 2520 does indeed feature the stylish Lumia look and feel, in my case in glossy red. It's a gorgeous device, and stands in sharp contrast to the dull light gray Surface 2,” says Paul Thurrott for WinSuperSite.

“It's also thinner and more curved than the mechanical-looking Surface 2. My quickie reaction is that this is the more attractive device.”

"On the front you get a 10.1-inch, 16:9 aspect Full HD display, which Nokia is particularly proud of: it uses a particularly bright 665 Nits LCD topped with Gorilla Glass 2, for improved outdoor visibility and broader viewing angles; there’s also a special coating to supposedly cut down on reflections," says Chris Davies on Slashgear.

"It’s certainly a great addition: the brightness means you can take it outdoors and work without having to necessarily worry about the angle of the sun, while watching video in the garden is eminently possible too."

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The Lumia 2520 tablet on its own is a quality device, writes WPCentral editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino.

“Battery life is excellent, device performance is top notch, it looks great and it has a drool worthy display. Toss in some permanent LTE connectivity and you have the makings for an impressive device that you can take everywhere, anytime. We’ve seen some always-connected devices in the past, but not this good."

“Real-world experience trumps all, and I found the Lumia 2520 to be every bit as fluid and zippy as the Surface 2, if not also various iOS and Android tablets,” says PCWorld editor Jon Phillips.

“The user interface reacts with Johnny-on-the-spot urgency. Webpages load, scroll, and redraw like rapid-response teams. And all of the tablet’s built-in Office apps open and churn through documents with a palpable quickness.

“Without a doubt, a Windows RT 8.1 tablet may leave you wanting a lot more—a vibrant mobile-apps ecosystem is the first thing that comes to mind. But there’s no disputing that the Lumia 2520 is one speedy machine.”

“If you're going to purchase the Lumia 2520, you should strongly consider buying Nokia's $149 keyboard/cover — especially if you're planning to do lots of productivity tasks," argues Dana Wollman for Engadget.

"Like Microsoft's Type Cover for the Surface 2, the Power Keyboard is a full laptop-style keyboard with all the keys and shortcuts you'd expect. However, since it's not as wide as the Type Cover, it doesn't feel as comfortable to type on."


"The 10.1 inch Lumia 2520 differs a bit in size from the 10.6 inch Surface 2 and has a more powerful 2.2 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon processor compared to the 1.7 Ghz NVIDIA processor in the Surface 2.  What that translates to is slightly less screen real estate and slightly faster performance, but in both cases those differences are not big enough to get too excited about," writes Larry Magid in

"There's a lot to like about the new Nokia tablet. It's fast and responsive, the screen is beautiful and even though there are far fewer RT apps than there are for iOS or Android, the ones I tried worked extremely well." 

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