‘Teggle’ review: lightning swiping (iOS)

March 11, 2014
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Teggle is a fast paced game full of rectangles and fast-paced swipes and pokes, and it's actually a lot of fun. It's presented simply, with solid colors, thick lines, and no frills. It feels like it was designed to be included with iOS7. It's attractive and simple, and this aesthetic serves the fast pace of the game well.

And Teggle is really fast. This is probably what makes the game so addictive. The mechanic is easy to pick up—you tap, double tap, or swipe the tiles off the screen, depending on the icon on the tile. As you get one tile off the screen, another appears in its place. Just two tiles to start, but then three, four, ending up with seven tiles, eventually fill the screen. Each tile has a limited lifespan, and missing the chance to clear it brings you closer to a game over. You only get a few misses before the game ends. 

It seems easy enough at first, but the difficulty ramps up more quickly than you'd think. It becomes difficult to manage not only what you have to with each tile, but how long you have before they disappear. To twist the formula, there are green tiles whose arrows randomly change, making sure that the second you to go swipe them, they've changed directions.

The lighting fast pace of Teggle ensures the game keeps moving and gives it the "One More Game" feeling that the best arcade games seem to possess. It gets so fast that the main reason I ended up taking breaks was because the speed of the game becomes physically taxing.

I haven't even mentioned the Expert and Squared modes. Expert mode is simply an even faster Teggle that starts out at 7 tiles and gives you less time to clear them. Squared mode litters your screen in square tiles instead of screen-wide, though the mechanic is the same. It becomes even more complex though, with more than twice as many tiles to manage.

Even the details of Teggle seem to be just right. A couple elements feel like they were designed to be linked to in-app purchases—modifiers that give you bonus time or bonus lives pop up in-game or are awarded to you with a "thank you for playing" message, and a secondary screen shows which are active. I kept looking for a button to buy more of these, but it's nowhere to be found.

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Really, the one miss of the game is the sound, but it's not a big deal—it's off by default. There isn't any music, just a sound for each time you get rid of a tile. You'll hear it about a million times in any given game of Teggle, so for the sake of those around you, leave it off.

The most difficult part about sitting down to review Teggle was taking a break from the game. I'll likely be playing Teggle for quite a while.

  • Teggle
  • Developer: Joseph V
  • Platform: iOS
  • Price: $0.99
  • In-App Purchases? No


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