Tell us how to improve TabTimes

May 13, 2013
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These have been an exciting first 18 months for TabTimes. We were right to bet that tablets would quickly become a major force in technology. But, even as enthusiastic we were, we have been surprised to see how fast tablet adoption has grown in the workplace.

We’re now racing to catch up with the many form factors, devices, apps, use cases and IT solutions, to deliver you the best and most useful content in order to help you do more, work smarter and better your business with tablets.

Help us focus our efforts: tell us what you actually care about, and would like to read more about on a regular basis.

Please give us just 5 minutes of your precious time to fill our first reader survey. You won’t be asked for your email, won’t be entered into some kind of gimmicky draw. What you will win, in a few months, is a fully redesigned TabTimes site, with just the content you would like to see.

Thank you in advance.


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