Terry Cavanagh says he’s still working on ‘VVVVVV’ for iOS and Android

December 24, 2013
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In a series of tweets, game designer Terry Cavanagh has once again discussed the iOS and Android ports of his popular indie platformer, VVVVVV.

The game has been released on numerous platforms so far, but the tablet and smartphone version promised in 2012 has yet to materialize. On Twitter, Cavanagh revealed he's still "chipping away at it."

"For the last week or so, with going home for Christmas and all, I've been doing some porting work – the iOS/android version of VVVVVV," Cavanagh wrote. "It's actually been 90% done for almost a year now – however, it's based on the flash version, not the 2.0 C++ version."

He added that before he finishes it, he wants to get it up to date; "which means, porting the player levels back to flash version," he said.

"I figured this was gonna be a tiny job. It's not! It's a huge job, and the longer I work on it on the more I realise needs to be done on it," he continued. "So: I have absolutely no idea when that port is gonna happen :/ Probably not for ages now, I'd rather spend that time on making new stuff."

This brief spout of news concluded with a promise that he'll continue to work on it in his free time, and that the controls on touch screens are "surprisingly good."

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