Thailand may suspend its “one tablet per child” policy

May 27, 2014
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Thailand’s education policy should prioritize “smart classrooms” for every school and this initiative should take precedence over the “one tablet per child” program, which was implemented by the deposed government.

This, in essence, is the recommendation that the Ministry of Education made today to the National Council for Peace and Order (NPCO), the Bangkok Post reports.

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The NCPO seized power with a military coup last week. It then quickly asked government agencies to make recommendations on priorities.

In its recommendations, the Ministry of Education suggests a shift of priorities from tablets to smart classrooms. The change would take effect in the next academic year.

Maintaining the current “one tablet per child” program would require the NCPO to authorize a $26.7M budget to provide tablets to 400,000 students and teachers in North and Northeastern Thailand. This second phase of the program would cost roughly $67 per tablet.

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